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Will 'normal' Windows users want a Start button for Windows 8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid
    I have to say this again,,,, People are missing the cross platform compatibility that MS are trying to create here. Think about being able to use all the same apps across all platforms.
    To complete what Gazz said above.... why would you want the same apps on every devices?
    The adantage and fun of having different devices is that you can use different apps according to the device you are using. If you are using the same app on every device it defeats the advantage of having different devices.
    Leaving your tablet to go on your pc and using the exact same UI is silly. Why leaving the tablet at all? No. You use different apps on different screen sizes. period.

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    "Screen res too high? Can't find the right button to press on Tablet? Don't worry any! We here at MS have come up with a .... solution!" ??? Oh really?

    HOODY just reflected on what I had originally pondered on about why MS came out with this new fangled Tablet gui on a desktop platform without at least having an option seen during the installation for a standard interface or options once Win 8 was on. None found except by way of "3RD PARTY SOURCES"!

    Even the chief gui designer at SUN Microsystems was baffled at the MS move which many would simply call a large blonder of trying to run a Tablet gui on the desktop platform which does defeat the purpose in many aspects. Then you see they also stripped the guts out of the OS as an additive to that.
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    i think part of the problem is some people just don't use apps on their phones.

    i'm one of those, i have a sony experia with andriod but i pretty much don't use it for anything else apart from phone stuff.

    for me phone apps for the most part are crap, there are a few i use but guess what i use those for work related tasks, a wifi analyser for when i'm at a clients house to scan wifi channels.

    so when i come across this phone apps on my pc it makes little to no sence.
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    Neither does a smart phone or Tablet gui make sense on the desktop platform. While many may not mind no longer seeing a Start button the RT gui is clumbersome for general application on a Windows desktop to start with.

    As for program quick launch bars like RocketDock, CircleDock, or simply creating a jump list from the main task bar will tend to see more use overall. With a task bar tweaker app that came out for Win 7 you can shrink the icons for items pinned on the taskbar as well as grow the depth of the taskbar as a few have done on 8 to avoid the Start screen entirely.

    The main thing that urked me the most with 8 is seeing the Windows OS itself being stripped down and then RT on 8 being the Metro or Modern gui not even designed for any desktop release but much more to replace the limited capabilities seen with the Windows CE line up for use on Surface.

    The two innovations you would have otherwise seen with an updated desktop version being the new Lock screen and redesigned look for the task manager are shuffed out by the lesser in Windows concept MS has worked out for 8. The new task manager and Lock screen would be a plus if applied to 7! At least the Lock screen allows you to change what you see when first starting 8 up when the desktop is locked by password, pin code, or image file over just remembering a password each time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gazz
    i think part of the problem is some people just don't use apps on their phones.
    Another part of the problem is that the industry thinks everybody is crazy about them.
    Praising to have 40.000 apps already, or 700.000 apps for another, ...whatever astronomical number which doesn't make any sens. Who's going to scout through 700.000 apps? The mere existance of such number shows how ludicrous the industry has become.
    Quantity versus Quality!
    Such way of thinking is making MS but also Apple lose millions. (The fact that they still make profits doesn't mean they are not loosing millions in useless or failed things)
    A photo retouching app for your phone? Oh yeah, ...sure!
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Will 'normal' Windows users want a Start button for Windows 8?
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