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Windows 8 Tablets: The most successful tablets ever.

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    exactly why would anyone by a tablet, i've often wondered if most of the people who have an ipad just have it as a status symbol or are they all just sheep?

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    People buy tablets because
    1). they are almost always on (no waiting to boot)
    2). they are light and ultra they can take it with them where ever they go
    3). for content absorption the touch screen interface is nice.
    4). very little system maintenance, less concerns with viruses and malware, etc.
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    I had to reread this thread before answering. At first I thought the OP was referring to ANY Windows 8 tablet. A second read reveals the question is about Windows RT, which runs on ARM devices only.

    The main allure of Windows RT, IMHO, is the ARM processor and the long battery life. I am typing this on my iPad during my lunch break. Yes and own and use an iPad a LOT! But I am a refugee. That is I am a died in the wool Windows man, stuck using an Apple device, because of its reliability, long battery, etc. But I DON'T like Apple!

    I don't just use the iPad for consumption. I use it to remote into servers and desktops at work, wo/ the pain of booting up a full blown PC first. I use it in meetings to take notes. My handwriting is pathetic, lol, so I have to type to take notes. But at the end of the day, while I like my iPad, it is STILL an Apple device.

    My other tablet, these days, is a Samsung Series 7 Slate. While it is a true touch device, it feels like a fast laptop, that happens to be a tablet. The battery life isn't even half the iPad.

    I have my eyes set on one the new Windows 8 tablets with the new Intel Clover Trail chips. The battery life is up there with the iPad, but it still is an Intel and runs most of my desktop software. I've read a review about an acer Iconia W510, which touts an optional dock keyboard reminiscent of the Asus Transformer line of Android tablet. I am taking a wait and see approach before buying a Clover Trail device.

    While I am a definite Windows 8 fan, I am not so much a fan of the Surface. I have well defined needs that Windows RT doesn't address.
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    I've been reading around for while about the Surface on several tech sites, Acer's concerns of being undercut by it MIGHT be true. On Windows Phone Central, a good majority of their people have the Surface as their first and pretty much only choice for a Windows tablet PC. On Neowin, more people are waiting for the Surface than Windows 8. It seems overall, Windows tech heads are going for the Surface over the OEMs. Even with the 500 dollar base price, people are fairly OK with it. I was asking a few friends if given the choice of a 16 gig ipad ($500) over a 32 gig base Surface RT ($500), the Surface unanimously won with no one for the ipad. The price seems high compared to an ipad, but you get more PHYSICAL and software features for less. Even with the touch cover, it's still less than an ipad with a third party keyboard.

    But I find it strange that some OEMs are pricing their tablets rather high. I think there is more exploitation of the consumer as if the argument of a PC combined with a tablet is less than two separate devices, they get more profit off of it. Which is more true as some OEMs are trying to recover monetary losses. I've seen a tablet priced at 650 and it had I believe an i3 processor. An ASUS Vivo RT tablet is 800. More strange, Dell's portable desktop/tablet/AIO hybrid with a 20 inch touch screen and better hardware costs a few hundred dollars less than their 11 inch tablet.

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Windows 8 Tablets: The most successful tablets ever.
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