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Windows 8 Tablets: The most successful tablets ever.

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    I'm going to say this before everyone, Surface RT prices are announced, 500 dollars for the base 32 gig Surface RT, 100 dollars for an optional touch cover, and I think 600 for the 64 gig version.

    Oh, and 129 for type cover. So prices are basically on par with an ipad.

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    Would rather save money for a nice laptop than Surface though. But nice to wait for some months more and see if they would release a better version of Surface. I see no point with RT version if it can't run legacy applications.
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    I place 10 cents that the Surface Pro will start at 700 for the 64 gig model, 800 for the 128 version, and probably with the keyboard included for the 128 gig version.
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    People could get a more powerful laptop with less than $600-700 with 500GBs- 1 TB drive with Intel i processors.

    By they way, I'm waiting if Intel would release anything like Core i9's anytime very soon.
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    Those prices will prevent me from considering a Win 8 tablet. One of the reasons I bought a Nexus 7 is due to it's very large bang-for-the-buck as compared to an iPad. That plus I feel that the 7" tablets are more portable/usable than 10" tablets.

    At $600, I think I'd rather buy a laptop.

    We'll have to wait and see if those prices come down due to competition.
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    I have always thought one area win8 has a chance is the byod market, for obvious reasons - doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

    Aside from the creative industries - who all use mac, most bog standard office workers are faced with windows everyday.

    However, that is not a review.

    Total lack of objectivity and no attempt whatsoever at criticism , constructive or otherwise.

    Perhaps it is a joke. Coke Robot would write something like that.
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    Anybody remember that thread by Cromer about water cooled pc's?

    ( I think that was the name he used - if anyone can find that - post it up , it is a great laugh )


    So many fell for it.

    These are people who really should know better - they go on pc forums a lot.

    Just shows how gullible we humans can be.

    If forum regulars are so easily fooled - what chance have the general public got?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    Do tablets have more than one usb connector?
    Most tablets don't have any USB ports. iPad's don't, the Kindle Fire doesn't, the Google Nexus 7 doesn't, the Asus Transformer does not. (unless you get the optional keyboard add-on).

    Quote Originally Posted by strollin View Post
    At $600, I think I'd rather buy a laptop.
    Agreed, my personal spending limit for a tablet device is $399. That's what I paid for my Asus Transformer, and I won't pay more for a device of this nature.
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    Sorry but i think those prices are way, way to high. The ipad sells at those prices because its an apple, a lifestyle product.
    If Microsoft want to be successful in the tablet market then they've got to get them at a max price of 399. anything more and forget it. Or wait 9 months to a year for the fire sale.
    They need to be competing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab (top end) and the Nexus (bottom end) or the miriad of android tablet clones that are available.
    Sorry but don't think this ones going to fly

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    Click image for larger version
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Windows 8 Tablets: The most successful tablets ever.
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