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$10 off pre order Windows 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by brocks View Post
    What am I missing? All of the prices in the links are much higher than the $40 upgrade price announced by Microsoft. If I understand it correctly, anyone currently using XP, Vista, or Win7 can upgrade to Win8 Pro for forty bucks through Jan 31, 2013. Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99
    That will only be available through on-line only using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant for 40$
    I am assuming it will allow you to download an ISO that you can put on a USB key. Don't know though.

    Windows 8 System Builder Software
    EDIT: Everything you want to know about System Builder License as it stands right now today
    OEM System Builder Licensing

    There is still a whole lot of confusion surrounding System Builder....

    While System Builder may have a Personal Use License according to NewEgg...

    Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit (Full Version) - OEM

    Disclaimer: Use of this OEM System Builder Channel software is subject to the terms of the Microsoft OEM System Builder License. This software is intended for pre-installation on a new personal computer for resale. This OEM System Builder Channel software requires the assembler to provide end user support for the Windows software and cannot be transferred to another computer once it is installed. To acquire Windows software with support provided by Microsoft please see our full package "Retail" product offerings.

    Remember: OEM is not transferable from one system to another.

    Also, if you have a non-OEM of any other version (XP, Vista, 7) it is transferrable and so SHOULD the Win8 Upgrade with it.

    There are all legal stipulations and getting the OEM software activated on a system you transfer it to is not guaranteed

    Personally I would wait and see what is actually allowed with System Builder for Win8 as I can not find anything official from MS.

    If anyone does have something, please post it here. Thanks

    This has yet to be officially confirmed.
    Note:ZDNetís Ed Bott has some clarifications around Transfer Rights, based on licenses heís seen and analyzed. Bott wrote recently if somone buys a copy of a Windows 8 system-builder license and then sells a PC running that license, there are no transfer rights. But the new Windows 8 system-builder license includes a personal-use license that stipulates a DIYer/hobbyist can buy the System Builder software, install it on oneís own PC or virtual machine and keep the right to transfer that license to another PC that the individual owns.
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    Q. Can my customers transfer or sell their OEM software licenses?

    A. After an OEM software license has been installed on a PC, the license may not be installed on or transferred to another PC. However, the entire PC may be transferred to another end user along with the software license rights. When transferring the PC to the new end user, the software media, manuals (if applicable), and Certificate of Authenticity label must be included. It is also advisable to include the original purchase invoice or receipt. The original end user cannot keep any copies of the software.

    Q. My customer bought a new PC and wants to move the OEM software from the old PC to the new one. Can't users do whatever they want with their software?

    A. The OEM software is licensed with the computer system on which it was originally installed and is tied to that original machine. OEM licenses are single-use licenses that cannot be installed on more than one computer system, even if the original machine is no longer in use. The End User Software License Terms, which the end user must accept before using the software, states that the license may not be shared, transferred to, or used concurrently on different computers. System builders must provide end-user support for the Windows license on computers they build, but cannot support licenses on computers they didnít build. This is a fundamental reason why OEM System Builder licenses can't be transferred.
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    Well I got my email from Newegg today that my copy of Windows 8 with the $10 savings shipped today. I also got another email "ad" from them with $30 off the same thing I orders last week. $69 dollars for Windows 8 OEM. I went ahead and ordered another copy for my wife.
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$10 off pre order Windows 8
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