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VirtualBox and Hyper-V......

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    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (7 Ult, Vista & XP in V-Box)

    VirtualBox and Hyper-V......

    Just a tip, I couldn't see any other references goes.
    Please disregard/move/delete if this has been covered.

    Today, I attempted to install the 64-bit RP in Virtual-Box on Win 8 RTM 64-bit.

    It failed. So I updated to the latest(?) version I had (4.18). Still no joy.

    I suspected that it was an issue unique to this RTM installation, as V-Box
    worked perfectly when running on the CP or RP. I had not previously tried
    V-box on the RTM.

    Then, the penny dropped, so to speak....I'd enabled Hyper-V to have a look at
    it a couple of weeks ago, and hadn't disabled it again after doing so.

    Disabled Hyper-V, and the RP installed faultlessly in V-Box on the first attempt.

    It seems that Hyper-V will run with V-Box installed, but V-Box won't work
    properly if Hyper-V is enabled.

    Hope this is of assistance to someone.....
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    Glad you've fixed it.
    We already knew this issue from another post or two here in the virtualisation section. Bot it's important to remind this once in a while for new users to see (that's what my thoughts are).

    Here's the thing as I understand it:
    Hyper-V install itself as type-I hypervisor, consider it outside the os , and takes control of the VT-x and the OS. If it detects another hypervisor, this time a type-II like VirtualBox that runs inside the os, it will deny it's access (running capabilities) for compatibility / performance issues. of course, Hyper-V will always run no matter of VBox or VMPlayer being installed (if possible) but these two won't run.

    About VBox 4.2: you probably know by now that you can run your Win8 VM without 3D acceleration which improves support for fullscreen and scaling mode. The aero in W8 is less strict to graphics cards compared to the one in Win7 and that means it's less demanding in a VM also.
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    Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit (7 Ult, Vista & XP in V-Box)

    Thanks, mate, and sorry if I 'ploughed old ground' so to speak.

    I did look before posting, but must have missed previous references to the issue.

    Good that a 'major' hassle can be so easily fixed, tho....

    Next step will be to install a Win 8 release in V-Box and THEN enable Hyper-V.

    And see if THAT works...Unless someone's already tried....?

    But, that's half the fun of a new OS, isn't it? Finding out what works and what
    doesn't, then trying to make what doesn't work, work?
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VirtualBox and Hyper-V......
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