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Windows 8 Release Preview - Screen Resolution Nightmares.. Help

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    Windows 8 Release Preview - Screen Resolution Nightmares.. Help

    Ok, I am tired of trying to configure my Windows 8 RC in VirtualBox to be able to do anything. I tried to change the screen resolution and it has 3 choices. None of them allow me to access the windows store or go online.
    I have been trying for 3 days to change my screen resolution to something that will allow full functionality of this damn Windows 8 Release Candidate. I tried to use the VBoxManage setextradata but it is not working. I have installed the guest additions 4.1.16, I am fully up to date in VirtualBox and I am using a 64 bit Virtual machine. I am going to try using a 32 bit VM but i wanted to get the full functionality of the 64 bit OS, and my laptop does support 1366X768 resolution and All my other virtual machines have this resolution or better with no problem, My windows 8 RC is the only one giving me this headache. Help.
    P.S. I had no prpblem using the windows 8 DP and the CP, but I erased both when this one came out so now I have to get this Release Candidate to work and it is refusing to let me do anything.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Try to use what works for you. For me the vbox graphics in the additions seem to work but for some users not (and in that case you can uninstall the VBox display driver from Win 8 Device Manager)

    Try first with the VBox (WDDM) Driver
    1. If additions are installed try to enter fullscreen: if your host has 1366x768 then your guest should have the same resolution.
    In this thread: VM Machine Trouble were talking over a similar issue (use VDDM and if i'ts not working well, uninstall it then)

    If you decide to uninstall VBox Display Adapter, then you will have to manually add custom monitor resolution (see link above: in you case: <ExtraDataItem name="CustomVideoMode1" value="1366x768x32"/>) since only a few resolutions are available, but you still get shared folders and the rest of addition stuff without display drivers.

    If you run metro apps in VirtualBox then it's recommended to uninstall WDDM driver since many apps crash with it.

    This is a classic issue with VirtualBox since Windows 8 is not fully supported yet, and you are one of the many that has encountered this problem.

    Good luck
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    Or try section 9.7.2 of the VirtualBox Help file.....
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Windows 8 Release Preview - Screen Resolution Nightmares.. Help
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