I'm reading about the whole Hyper V and all, in which I don't need, don't use or have any use for. I'm running a Dell laptop with Win 8.1, using wi-fi and don't need any other OS on my computer. However, when I followed the instructions on disabling/enabling, I get access denied via command prompt and Powershell, even run as admin. ....
I ran the DISM.exe to check to see if it's enabled and here are the results:
Windows Boot Loader
Identifier: <current>
Device: Partition C
Path: \Windows\System32\Winload.efi
Description: Windows 8.1
Locale: en-us
Inherit: <bootloadersettings>
-Recovery Sequence: <ae8ae-1466-11e5-9f3a-c103c5802e02
Integrity Services: Enable
Recovery Enabled: Yes
Isolated Context: Yes
Allowed in memory settings: 0x15000075
OS Device: partition=C:
System root: \Windows
Resume Object:
nx: OpIn
Boot menu policy: Standard

I have a 64 bit system and am not sure what the system 32 is all about or if even all of this looks right because I don't know what I'm exactly looking for. Does this look right to anyone? Does this mean Hyper V is not enabled, therefore that's why I'm getting access denied while attempting to bring it up?