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Virtual machine in Windows 8.1

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    Virtual machine in Windows 8.1

    Will the procedure in this link /, using VMware Player, work in Windows 8.1 ?

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    The link goes to Windows 8 Forums. Not howto geek.
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    Hello Syncopator,
    Your link not work, it just brings me to the forum home page, please edit the link.

    You can try do it to see if it works, I'm not sure because I haven't try it yet.
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    Let's see if this works.

    Will the procedure in this link How to Get Windows XP Mode on Windows 8 using VMware Player, work in Windows 8.1 ?

    Edit: Yes it does.

    I simply copied and pasted the URL onto the page. The first effort, in the first post, was, I think, through the editing window's "Link" button/facility. It doesn't work, does it? Moderators please note..
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    I found it here

    There should be no problem setting it up if you have a copy of XP. I have used VMWare Player to run Windows Vista and Windows 7 in "unity mode" as shown in the article. VMWare Player will also run Linux. If you install the VMWare Tools you can drag and drop copy files over to make things easier(say for example you want to get a program working under "Wine in Linux etc.. )

    The faster your system and the more ram the better. Windows guest OS ran fairly well on my Toshiba Laptop with 4 GB ram. It would be a lot snappier on a PC with 8GB or more and a quad core or better CPU though.

    Edit: The resources needed for XP are less than those for Vista or W7. So XP should run OK on your PC from what I see on the data sheet.
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    Thank you MilesAhead. I shall do that after sorting out this installation of Windows 8.1, or, more likely, reinstalling it.

    I'm forever fighting this user-hostile system and getting to the end of my tether. What I intend to do is use XP in the Virtual machine unless I have a pressing reason not to, and leave 8.1 well alone.
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    Even better, if you could downgrade to a Windows 7 that supports XPMode you can run it without the Player. The VHD will boot right from that boot menu and run faster. I have been trying to experiment with VHDs in W8.0 without much luck. Soon I think I will put W7 Pro on this Laptop to try out all this fun stuff.
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    Interesting comments Miles.

    Having been so frustrated with 8.1 I don't relish crossing swords with another unknown - especially since I bought 8.1 discs from Microsoft after having to uninstall the astonishing amount of rubbish which H.P put on and buried in the restore (or whatever it was called) partition.

    What pitfalls have you encountered in 8.0 during your experiments with virtual hard drives?
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    Mostly it is the OS image not booting. Windows 7 x64 is supposed to work with UEFI as long as secure boot is disabled. It gets as far as the "starting Windows" and hangs. The only one to make it all the way through to a desktop was Windows Server 2012 R2. Not something I really want to run on a Laptop.

    The only USB boot I was able to use were either a WinPE recovery created by Macrium Reflect or the Windows 8 Recovery disc which gives a command prompt etc..

    Anything Linux I tried to boot from a USB thumb did not come up. The system disk is formatte3d GPT so there's not much point in enabling Legacy Mode boot. The other factor is that right now this is the only computer I have. I'm not inclined to take too many chances where it may become inoperable. When I get some guinea pig machines then perhaps I'll explore VHD in greater depth.
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    I run 6 different virtual systems under VMware Player and they all work. Here is a tutorial I made that may give you some additional information. It describes Win 10 and Win 8.1 on a Win 7 host, but the principle is the same for any OS on any host.

    PS - just be aware that you need an unused XP product key to run it under VM. Running under any VM is like running on a new system. The XP product key that you might have from your old XP installation will not do.
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Virtual machine in Windows 8.1
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