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Hi there
I'm not a gamer so I can't say how much the game interacts with the actual physical video hardware -- however the LATEST releases of VMware provide much better 3-D graphic "Virtual Hardware" so it could possibly work fine.

Best thing is to try it and see -- run it in its own VM --not XP mode -- that way you have more control over fiddling around with the settings etc.

You'll need an XP install disk of course if you do this -- don't activate until you've tested the game to see if it works.

When you are happy just activate the XP system by phone -- shouldn't be any problem --tell MS you've moved the XP to new hardware because you still need to run some legacy applications. Don't mention Virtual Machines -- my experience in dealing with anybody from a call center is that they are given prepared scripts and aren't allowed to deviate from the very narrow range of questions -- any mention of Virtual machines will drive them totally Bonkers.