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How do I change the UEFI logo in Virtualbox

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    How do I change the UEFI logo in Virtualbox

    Hi. I read recently this thread about changing the BIOS P.O.S.T image in VirtualBox and I wanted to know.
    Can I change the UEFI P.O.S.T image (the one that comes up if you check this setting in the VM preferences dialog) in VirtualBox 4.3.20 or higher? And if it is possible. Will Windows 8/10.x use said image as boot image (as it does with OEM UEFI PC's)? Or is the UEFI signed and Windows resets to built-in boot image if the UEFI signature doesn't match a known signature?

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    Hi there,

    The "logo" from the thread you linked is for the entire screen, not the UEFI OEM logo: the VBox bios screen is 8bit BMP @640x480. That screen has a small resolution, hence it's BIOS. The UEFI screen, even for the VM, uses about 1024x768 so the 640x480 low color BMP seems misplaced here.

    What you mention there below is the OEM logo: That's totally different than the one above: it shouldn't cover the entire screen. No, it looks like VBox doesn't have that, it's rather new. The default logo is used.

    But still, you have a good point!

    Just tested: It seems the custom BIOS logo doesn't work for a UEFI VM. In any case: it isn't displayed.

    I haven't played around with advanced uefi options (command line) but this...
    ...shows the different efi resolutions. The lowest at 640x480 UGA/GOP can be tested but I still don't think the custom BMP would work yet.

    Maybe only BIOS is supported in this case?

    First I thought that there is a bug but no: a usual VM, no uefi, can use a custom logo in 4.3.20:

    Click image for larger version

    In case of uefi, all looks good in the log, the logo image is found... but not used.
    There's just a black screen.

    Still, 4.3.20 is the first release where UEFI for Windows guests works so we might expect more improvements in the next releases.

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    Another question. Has anyone had any luck in modifying the UEFI OEM logo and/or UEFI screen in any kind of PC/motherboard/virtualization app so that the background color is something other than black? And if you had been able to do so and the logo is displayed. Did Win8/10.x use it as boot logo?
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How do I change the UEFI logo in Virtualbox
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