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Installing Hyper-V disables most video applications

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    Installing Hyper-V disables most video applications

    When I install Windows 8 Pro x64 Hyper-V, most video applications stop working, even when the Hyper-V services are disabled. The affected applications include DVD players, store-based Netflix and Hulu, among others. For some reason I can still watch Netflix and Hulu if I use the desktop IE. I have plenty of excess processing power available, so I would like to keep a couple Hyper-V VMs running.

    What can I do to remedy the problem? Hyper-V is my preferred choice since my network servers (3) are all running on a Hyper-V server. Full Video capabilities return to normal upon uninstalling Hyper-V, but then so do my virtual machines.

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    Hyper-V makes changes to the way the OS works (it becomes a privileged virtual machine, for all intents and purposes), and a lot of the changes come in the form of power management and video subsystem - video acceleration is actually a big problem for hypervisors, and the OS changes in that area specifically when you enable Hyper-V on the client.

    It might help if we knew what the hardware was, and what drivers you were using (video specifically), but it sounds like your video hardware or software/firmware doesn't like being virtualized, at least from the description you offered.
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    Why I like VMWare Player. Tried Hyper-v and didn't like the way it screwed with the system.
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    Installing Hyper-V disables most video applications

    Attached is a System Information report. I have no idea how to determine the offensive device/driver since it works so well without Hyper-V installed. How would I determine. I'm ignorant about the assertion that installing Hyper-V changes to host OS to a virtual machine. How is the host's VM managed? How can I disable video acceleration?
    systeminfo.txt (165.6 KB)
    Installing Hyper-V disables most video applications Attached Files
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    It might of course be that I am misunderstanding something here but in my opinion you should search for the reason for your video issue somewhere else.

    When you install / enable Hyper-V in Windows 8 / 8.1 it does most certainly not touch the host video drivers, not alter them in any way. The only thing which in my opinion could even remotely cause some issues is the Hyper-V virtual switches; although not sure if this is even possible I could think of a scenario where a program like Windows Store app for Netflix is installed and setup when Hyper-V was not enabled and no virtual switches existed, then when Hyper-V is enabled and your PC uses virtual switches for networking, some setting in Netflix app would still be looking for the physical NIC and when not finding it would not work.

    Far fetched, I know, but you could at least test this scenario.

    When you have enabled Hyper-V and created the virtual switches, your Windows host uses them for networking even when no virtual machines are running. See screenshot, Windows on your host uses the external switches (LAN and if exists WLAN, highlighted green) to communicate with network passing the traffic through the real physical NICs (highlighted yellow):

    Click image for larger version
    (Click to enlarge.)

    Now disable the external switches:

    Click image for larger version

    Reboot, check that external switches really are disabled:

    Click image for larger version

    Now your Windows host will connect using the physical NICs directly. Launch the Netflix app to see if it is able to connect.

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    My desktop has multiple NICs. One is allocated to the Win 8.1 Pro host, and the other is allocated to hyper-V. No NICs are shared. When I uninstall Hyper-V (to perhaps watch a DVD), I disable the NIC allocated to hyper-V, to avoid conflicts caused by having multiple NICs which are not shared.

    With Hyper-V installed, the problem affects only store apps for watching video (Netflix, Hulu), and conventional apps for watching DVDs (PowerDVD 13 Ultra and WinDVD Pro). I can still view video via the browser (Netflix, Hulu).

    I had no problems with Windows 7 Ultimate with Virtual PC for Windows 7.

    I have posted this problem on multiple support forums.
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    This problem was fixed in Windows 8.1.
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    Hi there

    For all sorts of reasons HYPER-V is not my preferred solution -- at least for typical HOME users where you have all sorts of hardware and applications that could tax a VM to the limit.

    I Know Kari is a big fan of HYPER-V so I'm sure if it's possible he'll sort you out.

    I've found that for things like NETFLIX and SKY GO VMware works perfectly well so long as you enable 3-D and hardware acceleration.

    However if HYPER-V can be made to work successfully for you there's no reason not to use it.

    I do like the facility though of being able to boot totally from an external SSD a LINUX Host and run a Windows VM Guest and boot this SSD from almost any machine. I think if you want to do this with Windows you'll have to create a Windows to Go system (Enterprise only) and then bring up your VM on that. Could be an interesting experiment to see if HYPER-V runs with decent performance from an externally booted Windows to Go system.. I'd suggest if you try this do it with an SSD.

    BTW I'm avoiding mounting virtual drives and booting as I want my external system to be able to boot even if there's NO functioning HDD in the HOST.

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Installing Hyper-V disables most video applications
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