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    SCSI with Win8

    I cannot get my Advansys SCSI ABP-915 card to work with Windows 8. A couple years ago I had it working, I usewd it to run an HP Photosmart scanner. But I had removed before a house move. After I moved to another home, I put my computer system back together, and all has been running great for the past year, I do mostly online simming. I have an ASUS P8z68-v pro/gen3.
    I want to get my HP photo scanner up and running again.
    I cannot find Advansys SCSI scanners that work with Windows 8. I keep trying to find them, but just about all programs and websites try to get me to download these crappy bogus utilities that want to scan my computer and report lkinds of total. B.S. results for all of my computer drivers, when in reality all of my computer is good, and I just want my SCSI card working.
    Advansys seems to not have a decent website, no support,... I do have the original SCSI disc with drivers for older Operating Systems.
    I have read that I may be able to run in VM mode, to get the SCSI running again.
    Anyways, what can I do to get my Advansys SCSI ABP-915 working with Windows 8 ?

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    well, I tired every conceivable way, I tried vm mode, compatible mode, windows 8 just boned me, that's all! gee thanx, upgrade and get screwed by MS!
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    I have been there to the drivers websites... they just want to download programs that search all of your computer drivers, then try to get you to buy some upgrade... bottom line is there are no drivers.. only hope is vm mode, but I tried...
    I have been working with computers for 30 years... not saying I know everything, but it's a no win, either use an old computer with xp, or get a usb-2-scsi adapter, or a new scanner...
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    Yea, pretty sure hardware has to installed and working on the host machine before it will even possibly work on a VM. Seems your best option is to find an 8.1 compatible card if you want to keep using the scanner on 8/8.1.
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    I Also agree that the VM is no solution if the host hardware doesn't get recognized.

    Quote Originally Posted by retiredat44 View Post
    I cannot get my Advansys SCSI ABP-915 card to work with Windows 8. A couple years ago I had it working, I usewd it to run an HP Photosmart scanner.
    You can search for a SCSI compatible card that will work with your new system OR an adapter cable to usb.

    That is the good old printer connector type that you need. Scanners work the same way.
    Think of using something like Adaptec USBXchange or some other adapter that can go from printer type SCSI to USB.

    So in the range of max 40 bucks more or less you can still get it to work on Windows 8.
    New SCSI card or usb adapter...

    Good luck.
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SCSI with Win8
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