Hello all,
I'm learning windows phone 8, and I want to run the windows phone 8 simulator on my PC ( OS windows 8.1 pro ), but the simulator can not run because it can not create the virtual switch in Hyper-V, and I also can not do it manually .
This is the error when I create the new virtual switch.

Click image for larger version

After this, my main network adapter (ADSL) is disconnected, and this is it's properties :

Click image for larger version

I must unstick the hyperV option to make it connect to internet again.
And this is the properties of new virtual adapter nothing happen if I stick the hyperV option like the above picture )

Click image for larger version.

I have read many post from google, but I still haven't created virtual switch . And now in my computer I have ~ 20 virtual network adapter which can not run, and can not be deleted .

( I can not run on real window phone device because the connection between phone and PC is disconnected and connected rapidly >"< , so I must run on the simulator )
Could anyone help me .