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Hper-v enabled, crashing computer constantly.

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    Hper-v enabled, crashing computer constantly.

    So I wanted to play with a virtual machine, and since Windows 8 has Hyper-v, I figured why not instead of installing VM? So I enabled virtualization in my bios, went to the Windows additional features, and enabled it all.

    This is a new machine, I've had running for about 10 days now. I've had 0 issues crashing whatsoever, playing games, compiling code, anything.

    So after I enable Hper-v it wants to restart, I let it. It restarts 4 times... Ok I think whatever, so then I get into windows, setup and select the ISO starts installing, gets to the point it asks windows 7 (which is what I was installing) to reboot and poof.. my computer is gone, no restart screen, no BSOD, just crashed. Get back in, go to hyper-v, it's running. I connect to it, boom, crashed. No BSOD, no nothing just down for the count. So at this point I've disabled virtualization, disabled hyper-v and will probably go to VMware unless someone has suggestions or help.

    Computer specs: i5-4670k, 780 gtx, 16gb Patriot Viper Ram, Asus Z87-Plus motherboard with couple SSDs and storage drives, and an EVGA 750G Gold plus PSU.

    Any idea why after enabling hyper-v (which, while Googling this issue supposedly enabling it is suppposed to reduce crashes that occur? At least according to some sites...) would cause this? There's no warning, no bsod, just pow computer off. I don't get it, my computer up until now has never crashed so I'm kind of not sure whats going on.

    If it matters, I run 3 monitors, 2 on my Nvidia card, 1 on the onboard. Thoughts? Suggestions? Maybe there are updates for hyper-v that aren't applied since it isn't enabled and would fix it?

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    Windows 8.1

    Nevermind, found the issue. Apparently now in 8.1 running Bluestacks as well as Hyperv at the same time causing instant crashes. Didn't in Windows 8, but does in 8.1. Fun stuff. Bye Hyperv.
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Hper-v enabled, crashing computer constantly.
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