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Win 8 screen size in Virtualbox

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    Vista and Win7

    Quote Originally Posted by te7 View Post
    Post back and let us know how it works out. Also, I tried Windows 8 CP 32 bit ISO first, but couldn't get Guest Additions to install. I read online somewhere that it works in 64 bit. I installed 64 bit in VirtualBox, and the Guest Additions worked fine. Just make sure when you click to install Guest Additions, don't autorun and open up the folder and doubleclick amd64 Guest Additions (that's what I did anyway). You might have to have Guest Additions installed to get the optimum screen resolution. FYI.
    Yeah, my 64bit guest additions work fine. I already knew that there was a problem with the 32bit guest additions. So I picked the 64bit version - although that was bigger and longer to download.

    I also have a double boot Win8 on my laptop. Both the vBox version and the double boot work from a SSD - really fast. Even in vBox, the WEI is still quite good - forget the generic graphics though. I gave it 3GB of RAM which seems to work nicely. Resource Monitor shows good usage of the RAM

    Click image for larger version

    .Click image for larger version

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    Works great:

    I now have HD 1080p resolution on non-hd monitor! It can be fitted to screen in Scale Mode (Ctrl + C).

    Additions work great but only with the experimental WDDM driver.

    The basic acceleration (without aero support) fails to install.

    The WEI system score failed the first time with the experimental drivers in Win8.
    Virtualbox 4.1.8 succeeds the score with it's own driver (3.5 score for vbox graphics in win7 x64).

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    Hi Te7,

    Great tip - runs fine on my 64Bit CP!!


    Robin (The other one) +1
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    Win 7 HP SP1 64 bit, Win 8 CP in VirtualBox

    Hi Robin,

    Glad I could help.
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    Hi te7, Now to calculate exact resolutions for windowed & fullscreen on my various monitors!! Good fun.
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    Win 7 HP SP1 64 bit, Win 8 CP in VirtualBox

    Hi Robin,

    How many virtual machines are you running, and which ones? In VirtualBox, I currently have Windows 8 CP, Windows XP Pro, Linux Mint 12, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu (I like to experiment). The VMs i use the the most are Windows 8 & Linux Mint. I tried Microsoft's Virtual PC (it gave good fullscreen resolution on Windows XP), but it wouldn't let my VirtualBox 64 bit guests run. I had to uninstall Virtual PC (a Microsoft update, which I had to uninstall). Are you running XP in any VMs? If so, which gave the best fullscreen resolution for XP? The VirtualBox fullscreen resolution for XP isn't so hot.

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    Windows 7 x64 SP1 Home Premium/Win 8.1 in VBox

    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by te7 View Post
    I found this link to work perfectly for me. In Windows 8 choose your new screen size (just check your screen size in the host to get the desired resolution), and then in VirtualBox switch to fullscreen.

    Set Custom Resolution in VirtualBox for Windows 8 | MSTechPages
    Thank you. I will try this. Now I have the screen up to 16" which is quite nice. I set the DPI to 125% and it works quite well. But I will try what the article proposes.
    Thanks that works nicely for me. You need to put the full path to your VM in the name and give it a .vbox extension for it to work. It works for me with basic guest additions but if you try to add the experimental 3d support my setup locks up just prior to the logon screen. There are some workarounds on the VirtualBox forums but none worked for me. It seems to work OK provided you are in Full Screen mode so it will do.
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    Hi te7,

    I've got Ubuntu, DP 32 bit, DP 64 bit & CP 64 Bit in Virtualbox, Vista 64 & Win 7 64 triple boot with DP64 bit (I needed to do that when I deleted my XP partition & Bootmgr went with it!) Screen res in Ubuntu is ok, and now I can do the same for the CP64 bit - I think the DP's will be deleted. Probably wont go to Win 8 CP in triple boot mode - waiting for my state Pension to kick in (Or a lottery win!) then I will go to SSD's & a Raid arrary which will be a fair amount of work....!!

    I'll have a play with resultions after I've (hopefully) upped my Memory to 12Gb this a.m.


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    Hi te7,

    Done the memory upgrade (I'll give VBox a few more Gb to play with) and tried a variety of resolutions using the method posted but adding +1 to the CustomVideoModeN each time - so I now have a 1600x900 with no scroll bars which works very well in a window and 1920x1080 running in Fullscreen mode. The 1050 is too high for a HD Monitor (my old 1600x1200 would have been fine) in a window and why lose realestate in fullscreen mode!

    Good stuff!!

    Robin (The other one!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Yeah, I found that I couldn't go above 1024x864 in the VM on my 1920x1080 monitor without getting the scroll bars either. A workaround would be to use fullscreen mode with VirtualBox. If you would like to give it a try to see how you like it:

    Click on View (menu bar) on the VirtualBox window, and click on Switch to Fullscreen.

    To get out of fullscreen view, you'll see a gray line at the bottom that will pop-up when you move the pointer over it where you can click on the same above to go back to window view.
    Brink, I'm afraid you're right. When I go to a higher resolution than 1024 x 864, the desktop is too big for my monitor. When I tried the Fullscreen option, it only turned the areas outside the desktop black.
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Win 8 screen size in Virtualbox
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