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can i run oracle virtualbox on windows 8 pro??

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    can i run oracle virtualbox on windows 8 pro??

    Hi all i was wondering if oracle virtualbox will run on windows 8 pro 64 bit i would like to use it instead of using the built in one that came with windows as i want to run Tails from in a VM and it is not supported by the built in Hyper-V on windows 8. but i don't want to goof up windows by installing another virtual software so i need to know if it will work before i do it.

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    Sure, VirtualBox runs fine with Win 8 64-bit as the Host system.
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    awesome thanks any special settings to setup in it i have never used it.
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    Hi there
    Don't forget vmplayer as well - IMO it's FAR better than VBOX - but that's up to you -- it just seems to me that virtual hardware support etc is far better implemented by VMware than ORACLE ( 3-D graphics, Direct X support etc) -- why not try both -it doesn't take long to create simple Virtual machines to try and test which system you prefer. Both are FREE.

    Some people also try W8's HYPER-V system too -- if you select this (turn windows features on / off) note you'll have to uninstall vbox and vmplayer as you can't mix HYPER-V with other virtualisation software.

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    Works only in x64.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aqibaslam123 View Post
    Works only in x64.

    They moved there because of the potential increased number of VM's you can run, better performance and more RAM.
    VMware, Parellells and MS Hyper-V need all x64 requirements.

    If you are still on 32bit, you will need to use VirtualBox or get older Vmware Player 3.1.6.
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    virtual box on windows 8 pro

    I am running windows 8 pro and virtual box.
    I tried to install Ubuntu and also Suse and had some issues with the BIOS.
    I had HP support instruct me on how to enable Virtualization Technology on my machine and after that everything runs flawlessly. I was getting an error at the beginning of the install in virtual box saying that VT-x/AMD-v was disabled and that was the problem.
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can i run oracle virtualbox on windows 8 pro??
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