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Windows 8 hangs in VirtualBox

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    Windows 8 hangs in VirtualBox

    I need to fix the following problem.

    Sometimes Windows 8 just hangs after I look around and change some of the DVD related settings in VirtualBox. My host system is ubuntu and the guest is Windows 8.

    When it hangs it is usually showing the Windows 7 desktop because I am always in that mode. I cursor to the lower left to try to the the mini-tiles but no matter what I do with the cursor, the mini-tiles do not appear. In fact, nothing works. I cannot launch any desktop applications.

    In the past I solved this by simply having VirtualBox send the shutdown power-off signal. Windows is ignoring the shutdown signal. Is there a Windows-centric way to fix this problem so that I can do a Windows-centric shutdown in the normal fashion or otherwise resolve or prevent this problem?

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    Orbiting the Moon
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    If it's the screen/graphical part that hangs it could also be the virtual graphical driver's fault.
    Does it work better without any DVD/iso inserted? Switch the virtual DVD drive in VM settings from SATA to IDE or the other way around and then try again to see if it helped.

    Are you using VirtualBox WDDM graphic driver with enabled 3D acceleration in the guest?
    Then yes, the screen hangs because of the buggy driver.

    In that case the Scale Mode will also hang: try Ctrl+C

    First try to resize the screen to see it it refreshes.
    If not:

    First stop the VM,
    Disable 3D and the graphics would be a lot snappier without hangs.
    If nothing works, uninstall the VBox graphic driver from Within Win8 Device Manager (remove driver + software) and use the built-in basic display adapter.
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    Sorry, to be clear. I am not playing any DVD media. I am just messing with the DVD settings in "Machine, Settings, Storage" and "Device, DVD" to try to get VirtualBox's "Passthrough" enabled. It's greyed out and it seems no matter what I do I cannot get it active so that I can "check box" it.

    I need Passthrough enabled because CDBurnerXP does not recognize any DVD burner present.

    Reading a DVD is not a problem. It's not clear why Passthrough being disabled and greyed out does not cause a reading problem; only a writing problem.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Burning... now that you mention it.

    I never burned anything from within VBox till now because of the pass-through disabled.

    Something many would say:
    Why burn from within the guest? Doesn't Brasero work good on Ubuntu?
    About burning in VirtualBox:
    But they mention something about it in the user manual that burning is not (fully) supported and that pass-through can cause problems.

    In your case, it can be Ubuntu-related if the host settings of pass-through is grayed out... check also Ubuntu forums for this. But the machine must be completely turned off before enabling pass-through... so this might fix it all along.

    I don't know what can be done from here but you should try the links above and try to switch the DVD drive to SATA/IDE/SCSI to check for any difference.
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    Thanks. You were right. The guest system must be shutdown before passthrough can be enabled. Still, it is strange that the guest operating system hangs.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Windows 10 x64

    Does it still hang? How exactly or when does this happen? On Desktop, by itself, during boot, when you change VM settings...

    Look in previous posts about the graphics, it might be the one hanging if you use WDDM and test Scale Mode and Full Screen in the VM then minimize and restore a window. If you see some hangs with white empty screen, uninstall WDDM and try again.
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    Hopachi, what I am doing is to shutdown the guest operating system, enabling passthrough for the device, then restarting the guest. There is no hanging in this case.
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Windows 8 hangs in VirtualBox
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