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Cannot cut 'n paste in Windows Vista (VM Ware) on Win 8

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    Cannot cut 'n paste in Windows Vista (VM Ware) on Win 8

    I am running Windows 8 64 bit. However, I have a couple of programss I'd like to run that are not supported by the 64 bit environment. One is a DOS program and the other is a Windows 32 bit program with a 16 bit installer.

    The DOS program can be taken care of with Dos Box. However, the Window program needs to be installed and run from within Windows.

    I have installed VM WARE to run Win Vista 32 bit and Windows XP Pro in a virtual environment. However, I cannot cut and paste ANYTHING onto the Vista desktop or into any folder within the Vista file explorer. Thus I cannot paste the old Windows 32 bit .exe file into Win Vista to install from there. Anything I can do to solve this? Hope this makes sense!


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    Install or update the VM Tools (Menu -> Manage) when the particular VM is running and then reboot the VM.

    Drag and drop between your host OS and the VM is also supported and sometimes you have to rescale the screen or wait untill the VM Tools service is started in the VM.

    Vista and XP are fully supported.
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Cannot cut 'n paste in Windows Vista (VM Ware) on Win 8
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