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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    I have Windows 8 installed under VMware - and only under VMware with Windows 7 as the host. I copy the VMware folder and run that copy as second system. That is possible because VMware is the system where Windows 8 is installed - and not a physical PC.

    I went one step further and moved all of that to an external SSD attached via USB. Thus I can even carry it to another PC without any problems. This posting is done from such a Windows 8 installation.
    Hi there
    "Cloning" a VM won't require activation normally since the hardware is identical -- and therefore Windows doesn't detect a hardware change when the image is powered on .

    Under the EULA though you mustn't use more than ONE copy at any one time -- i.e you can't run say 3 VM's concurrently even if they have the same configuration.

    Note also that later versions of VMWARE (such as workstation version 9) tend to optimise the Host environment for running VM's -- and take note of actual hardware features such as the Host processor.

    This will sometimes cause Windows VM's to require re-activation as even the VM will detect a hardware change (new processor) when running on a different machine.

    Older versions don't do this so you "pays your money and takes your choice". - If you are prepared to pay for a small diminution in performance use Version 7 or version 8 when testing multiple W8 VM configurations.

    However if you want to test things like 3-D graphics in VM's then you'll need Version 9 (or the equivalent FREE vmplayer version).

    Incidentally running VMware workstation on Linux seems not to have problems of Windows 8 VM's detecting Hardware changes and therefore requesting re-activation.

    I really think Ms needs some sort of license to cover testing in VM's -- even on TechNet a non enterprise version of W8 only allows 10 activations per key -- now this might sound a lot but if the activation gets triggered by TRIVIAL changes in the VM configuration then its bonkers.

    Also a load of hobbyists might want to try out all sorts of hardware and some of these won't have the money for a TechNet subscription so there ought to be a sort of multipls TEST environment for W8.

    W7 wasn't a problem as a VM since you got 30 days before you had to activate so you could get plenty of time to fiddle around and in a test environment re-installing Windows 7 on a VM isn't an issue. Windows 8 want activation straight away which makes it horrible for testing in VM environments unless you get Enterprise from TechNet and that needs a PRO subscription. -- IMO still good value for money - but not everybody can afford this and Ms gets a lot of "Indirect research" from hobbyists trying out all sorts of hardware and software -- what about "Old Billy himself" right in the beginning.


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    Under the EULA though you mustn't use more than ONE copy at any one time -- i.e you can't run say 3 VM's concurrently even if they have the same configuration
    That is correct. Thanks for adding that caveat.
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Windows 8 in VMware Player
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