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Shrink Hard Drive in VMware

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    Shrink Hard Drive in VMware

    Hello Guys,

    I've created a "Powered on machine" virtual installation of my Windows 8 on VMware VCentre Convertor to run in VMware Player, the size of the Hard drive was about 130GB, in the virtual machine I've deleted all my media files and uninstalled the large programs. The size of the C: drive is now 40GB which is more manageable for a Virtual Install which will be used to tweaking experimentation before I do it to my real Windows 8 installation.

    How do I shrink the Virtual Hard drive from 130GB to say 45GB, I have installed the VM Tools and reading on the VMware website it saying you go to the VM Tools in the ghost install by right clicking it in the system tray or going to control panel on the ghost install and click on shrink. I have the icon in the system tray but the only right click options are about and help and there is nothing in control panel.

    I have tried the "compact" option in the virtual machine settings by right click my Windows 8 virtual machine from the VMware player but it doesn't shrink the volume, it wirred away for an hour but the hard drive stayed the same size.

    IF anyone has Win 8 Pro 64bit in Wmware Player could they look to see if the shrink option is there on the Virtual install of Win 8 by right clicking VM tools in the system tray and clicking settings or options.



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    I'm firing up a Windows 8 box under VMWare Player 4.04 right now on my test box at work. I usually use VMWare Workstation 8.x as I have a license for it at work. In that version, when you right click on the VMWare Tools icon you have an option to launch the VMWare Tools. Shrink is a tab within that version.

    Compact just frees up white space within the file so it can be re-used. But as you discovered, it does not reduce the size of the .vmdk.

    I'll post back here shortly.

    Edit: Ok, under Windows 8, when I right click on the VMWare Tools icon from within my Windows 8 VM, my options are
    1). Open VMWare Tools
    2). Disable Icon
    3). Exit

    So, I click on Open VMWare Tools, hit the Shrink tab, click on my C drive, click on Prepare to Shrink and the process starts. It ran for a bit and said it was ready to start the shrink. It then performed the shrink which took 10-15 minutes and it dropped my .vmdk from 13.9GB to 6.0GB.
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    Thanks for looking, I reckon the shrink feature is not available on the free VMware player, shame as it about 80GB's bigger than it needs to be. I wonder if I could run VMware Vcentre convertor from within my virtual machine and create another powered on machine then copy the folders to my main windows 8 install.

    What do you think?


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    I ran my test using the free VMWare Player product. Version 4.04.
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    I'm running VMware player free version 5.0.1, the only options I get by right clicking the VM tool icon in the virtual machine is "about VMware tools, disable icon and exit ". I wonder why it's missing on my version
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    Perhaps it's a version 5.0.1 thing. Let me see about upgrading my version of Player and see what I get.
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    Great that would be handy to know if it's version 5 that's causing the issue. On the cloned Virtual Machine version of my Win 8 it's lost its activation, will it completely stop working in the future or is it going to just keep warning me to activate?
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    Can probably drop out to elevated command prompt and run
    slmgr.vbs -rearm. This will get you 30 days grace period. Can do that 3 times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonymarcus View Post
    Hello Guys,

    I have tried the "compact" option in the virtual machine settings by right click my Windows 8 virtual machine from the VMware player but it doesn't shrink the volume, it wirred away for an hour but the hard drive stayed the same size.
    Compact is better than shrink for the needed increase in size in the future.

    You don't get shrink options with player but compact works if applied properly:
    (they should mention that in the user manual as VBox does: the compact alone doesn't work!)

    (you need a drive wiper: it's said that the Windows Defragmenter works but I've didn't tested it yet)
    -first you'll need for example to run CCleaner's drive wiper in the VM with this settings:
    Click image for larger version

    -after completion, shut down the VM and do the compact operation: this time it will work.

    I've been using this for a few times and you don't need to shrink it because one you exceed a shrinked size, you need to expand again.

    Compact works nice.
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    Excellent, thanks for the tips, I'll give that a try
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Shrink Hard Drive in VMware
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