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Shrink Hard Drive in VMware

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    No need for external drive wiper

    Sorry, maybe it is too late for the original requester, but maybe others will benefit. There is no need to install an external drive wiper, the Vmware player already has everything it needs. Just that it is commandline. So all you need to do is run a command in the Vmware tools installation folder:

    VMwareToolboxCmd.exe disk shrink c:\

    It zeroes the free space and then compacts the virtual disk. Of course, if you have several partitions inside the virtual machine, run the command for each one.

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    excellent , thanks, that will come in handy for the future!.

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    Hi there
    Things like CCleaner IMO are not a good idea.

    EASY way - especially if you back up your system anyway --you should be regularly be backing up your HOST OS in any case.

    1) use from WITHIN the VM a backup tool to backup your existing VM. (Acronis / Free Macrium etc).

    2) Delete the Virtual drive - if using VMware just choose delete VM otherwise delete with Windows / File explorer.

    3) Now create new virtual machine with the wizard -- select install the OS later. Choose the NEW size of storage you need for the VM.

    4) Set the VM to boot from a USB / DVD where you have the bootable recovery program (Free Macrium or whatever).

    5) Now restore the VM to your new virtual disk -- you CAN restore to a smaller disk so long as it all fits on to the allocated space.

    Easy -- job done and you've still got your original VM. Sometimes the "SHRINK DISK options don't allow flexible re-sizing.

    Note - using something like Partition Wizard won't be any good in a VM -- although it CAN re-size the partitions it won't release the free space to Windows -- the free space will still be in the VHD (Allocated storage space in the Virtual Hard drive).

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    Some explanation about compacting VM disks

    First of all, CCleaner is fine for this purpose: wiping free space with a GUI program in order to prepare the disk for shrinking. You can compare the operation with VMware's tools own operation of preparing/wiping free space:
    Shrinking Virtual Disks
    Note that the link above describes WS 5 but in WS 9 we have to rely on command line tools (as mentioned by valipod: VMwareToolboxCmd.exe disk shrink c:\).

    What we can do then is compacting from within the VM or from the host (after is turned off) in Player or WS VM storage settings -> disk -> compact.

    There are actually 2 steps involved here: preparing/wiping free space (from within the VM) and compacting. Wasting time with extra steps is possible but not needed.

    EDIT: after seeing all posts above, we can say that the problem can be solved in multiple ways. To each his preferred solution then.
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Shrink Hard Drive in VMware
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