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Strange sound with VMWare Workstation

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    Found nice tool to adjust the timer resolution

    Installs as service and can be configured to adjust the resolution when certain processes are running!!!

    eg. vmware-vmx

    Look here!

    And thanks for all those investigative hours!!! Thx to you that i can work around my performance and audio problems in vmware.

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    Fix for distorted sound in VMs

    This little utility resolves the issue very nicely as well:
    LCS - VMAudioFixTray
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    What about 9.0.2? Has anyone tested it if vmware fixed the problem(s)?
    Extremely unlikely but I had to ask.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Quote Originally Posted by tedych View Post
    What about 9.0.2? Has anyone tested it if vmware fixed the problem(s)?
    Extremely unlikely but I had to ask.
    It's the same after what I heard in XP64.
    For the rest not much.

    I used UEFI VM's and backups... then I switched back to VirtualBox for now, was a local issue on my install, I guess, and Player 5.0.2 was working very slow and the VM window said not responding a lot but only during boot and I never could go into its BIOS.
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    No, v9.0.2 didn't change the issue at all. But the utility I mentioned earlier (post #52) is a simple workaround ... it loads very quickly, so the sound is generally fixed before the startup sound even begins to play => occasionally the first note will be a bit distorted, but as soon as VMAudioFixTray is loaded sounds are perfect. Obviously not as good as a REAL fix within VMware -- but until (and if) they fix it, this works well. What's frustrating is knowing that the fix is so simple, they could EASILY come out with an updated VMware Tools that included this fix [although if they fixed it that way, you'd have the same issue as with VMAudioFixTray -- the "fix" wouldn't work until VMware Tools loaded, so you could have a bit of distorted sound if you have startup sounds enabled.
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    Well, I wouldn't speculate as to how easy or not is for vmware to fix this seemnigly small bug, but the fact is it was (is) working fine in up to 7.1.x branch. This is an introduced bug and from that perspective it should be easy to fix anyway..
    Well, I could live with that and the workarounds available, given the stability of VWorkstation is good and doesn't cause OS instability. I've experienced severe instabilities with versions starting with 8.0 on Server 2008, so I'm still not taking any chances on my main OS (Win7).
    Maybe I should wait another couple or two years before a better version matching 7.1.x's stability is out.
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    Actually I found a really simple solution on my system.

    1) Lower the HOST volume -- having the HOST volume at too high a level caused distortion on the volume on the Virtual machine.
    2) Adjust the volume on the Virtual machine accordingly.

    (Of course ensure you have the correct sound drivers installed on the Host and VMware tools installed on the VM).

    I'm using VMware workstation release 9.02 build 1031769 - as per screen shot

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails vmware.png  
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    Just decided to take the plunge and installed the latest VMWare WS 10 on my main Windows 7 x64 rig. It replaced the old 7.1.4 finally. First I tested it on another machines (Win2003/8) where I found no apparent changes from v9, and the XP sound stuttering issue was still there.
    On my Win7 however, the stuttering is missing and all is Ok with the XPs. Before I installed v10 I made a simple research about the timer resolution on my Win7 and what keeps it at 1ms all the time, as this was the apparent culprit on the other machines/OSes. As we know, lowering the resolution from the standard 15.6ms in either the host or guest OS fixes the sound issue.
    There is a command like this: powercfg -energy -output reportfilename.htm -duration 5 which analyses among other things which process/executable requested increased timer resolution on the system (lower than the standard 15.6ms).
    I was able to discern that SQL Server 2008 holds it at 1ms all the time and I could speculate it is the reason I have no problems, but I'm lazy to close it and test the sound. By the way the other day I closed it and the timer went at ~8ms and the analysis revealed the svchost.exe requested this resolution (some service hosted in it), among the possible services this process contained, maybe the MMCS (Multimedia class scheduler service - check it is it's started for you) is the one but I'm not sure. That said, sql server seems to keep me trouble free here so no workarounds needed in my situation .
    v10 seems to be quite Ok to me for now.

    Edit: It seems guest XPs and older OSes are totally abandoned by vmware. I mean they only destroy stability for them.
    After the sound bug I found another one, an OpenGL game that worked like a charm for 3 years in 7.1.4, now in 10.0 it totally freezes the guest OS when exiting the game, leaving a semi-recovered desktop still image. I don't see any performance improvements in 10 compared to 7.1, only introduced bugs :@ . Autoresizing the main window when the guest changes resolution, works bad and flashes the window multiple times as if VMware can't decide fast what resolution the VM will set..
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Strange sound with VMWare Workstation
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