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Hyper-v with wifi?

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    Hyper-v with wifi?

    recently ive been using vmware for winxp on windows 8 but the bound was always cracking (had no idea why) so i thought i give hyper-v a try but since i cant get internet i cant get sound or even updates.

    these are just specs of my pc and of virtual pc:
    dell inspiron n5110 1st gen i3 @2.2ghz
    intel hd 3000
    640gb hdd (dual boot @200gb for win8)
    intel centrino wireless n 1030
    6gb ram

    Virtual pc:
    WinXP pro sp3
    1gb ram

    i saw it may not use wireless but is there a way to get wifi or something?

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    you will have no sound with Hyper-v it was design to run Server OS, but the good news is that if you remote access it, it will use the sound card of your PC , anyway with RDP you will have better resolution too , I'm not sure WiFi work with hyper-v I never try it, but I guess not, not a big deal as honestly, a notebook is not great for VM,

    here how to do it

    Hyper-V Troubleshooting: Enabling Audio Over RDP - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki
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    okay so is there a way to fix the sound on vmware? i know virtualpc from MS doesnt work on win8
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    witch Vmware you have ? Player or Workstation
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    vmware workstation 9
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    after you finish to install XP. you have to install the Vmware tools, it's in the VM menu
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    that did install at times the sound is fine but most of the time its just crappy sound but it runs really well
    edit: its more like the sound is slow but the pc is running normal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xnitro67 View Post
    that did install at times the sound is fine but most of the time its just crappy sound but it runs really well
    edit: its more like the sound is slow but the pc is running normal
    Hi there
    an XP VM on your rig should run just fine with 1 GB RAM allocated to it.

    Did you re-install vmware tools on your VM. You have to power on the VM first to install.

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    I can confirm that you can use a wireless adapter to gain internet access from Hyper-V machine on a Windows 8 Pro x64 host. I was having issues with my Marvell Ethernet ports so tried using my Netgear WNDA3100V2 (setup as an external virtual switch) and it is working. It took a bit of stuffing around to get the wireless adapter, bridge and virtual switch all connected but it has worked alright. I do routinely need to 'repair' the network connection on the guest OS (Windows XP SP3) as it just seems to stop sending/receiving after a while, not sure why as everything else's status remains unchaged...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xnitro67 View Post
    recently ive been using vmware for winxp on windows 8 but the bound was always cracking (had no idea why)
    You have to try VMware Player out and no cracking is needed because it's free. You get less settings from within the interface but with some basic VMX editing knowledge all is configurable just like in Workstation. There are less features in Player, the only drawback.

    The Wifi connection from the host can get to the VM through NAT or bridged in the VM network settings.

    Sound works pretty well on my machine. Try to give the machine 1CPU in begin, sometimes more CPU's decrease performance.
    For the sound, you can try out different sound cards within VMware Player VM settings:
    Click image for larger version
    (info: Configuring Sound in VMware Workstation).You see different sound adapters and how to improve sound performance. The same settings apply on Player also (same VMX engine as Workstation).
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Hyper-v with wifi?
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