I'm working as part of the deployment team to get Windows 8 ready for MDT for our Applications Specialist team next week.

I had my manager proof our Windows 8 base unit that we are going to image. Thinking that she would not approve the new metro apps since there had been questions raised about bypassing metro in favor of the standard classic Windows logon. She decided that she wanted all standard apps as I went through the list that I removed except for games.

I wound up going to the Metro store to re-install the apps which prompted for a Windows live account, I used mine thinking I could remove it later. There's where the problem lies. I can't seem to remove it. I don't see it under Windows live credentials under the user account settings, and even after removing the registry key with my username, I'm still accessing the store under my credentials. I tested this by attempting to "buy" an app which instantly pulled up my Windows live login prompting me for the password. Even using the cmdkey /l cmdkey /delete:<target info> found here How do I change my wndows live credentials used with Skydrive and One - Microsoft Answers, deleted my windows live credentials, but are still imprinted in Microsoft store.

I'd hate to blow out the Admin profile, but if it came down to it, I would do that.