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Disable recurring logon screen

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    windows 8 pro RTM

    Disable recurring logon screen

    Hello everyone,

    I have searched this forum and other sites to find a solution for my problem but haven't found any:

    We have a windows 8 pc running a monitoring application, it monitors wether our customers servers are up and running and such through a graphical interface on a screen hanging in our office.

    The problem is that the screen locks after a period of inactivity, it goes back to the user login screen. This is very annoying, because the monitoring application needs to be on screen and visible during the day, even if nobody is actually working on this pc.

    I've tried these solutions:
    - Change the behaviour of the screensaver (turned it off)
    - Change energy settings (turned everything off, including 'ask for password on wake-up' allthough that's not applicable since sleep/hybernation is already turned off.)

    I know it should be possible to turn off login in on this system all together, but for security reasons i really don't want to go that far. Preferebly we would like it if users have to login when the pc is started, but do not need to type in their password a few times a day because of inactivity.

    The pc is part of a domain.

    Anyone knows if this is possible, and if so , how?

    many thanks.


    *We run a dutch version of Windows, so my description of the settings names may be different from what they look like in english*
    *EDIT: just to be clear: i already managed to turn off the lock screen picture which appears before the user login screen*

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    If it is in a domain, have you checked the domain GP settings?
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    windows 8 pro RTM

    I will doublecheck, but since this is the only pc who has this issue, i don't think so.. i'll update soon
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    windows 8 pro RTM

    I checked, there is nothing defined in the group policy which can cause this. We have another windows 8 pc running in our domain, for some reason this machine doesn't have this issue. I am starting to think it's a BIOS setting causing this.. i'll update.
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Disable recurring logon screen
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