Windows 8.1, apparently we missed a ton of update a couple weeks ago, so ran all of them, around 30 updates. After that, experiencing the ever-popular "you have been logged in with a temporary profile" issue. Only 2 user ID's on the PC, one's admin, other isn't. Affects both profiles. After going to the backup of all my profile's data, went thru all the gyrations of copying data to a new user profile, doing the .bak fix in the registry well-documented in these forums. I even loaded in an app called Reprofiler to make sure all the associations are correct. What I'm seeing via regedit is that the registry keys are associated w/ the correct user ID's. However, upon every other boot or so, the .bak issue returns. I can remove the .bak from the end of the registry entry, reboot, & all is well...both ID's snap right into their correct desktop like nothing ever happened. However, using Reprofile & using its Test feature, it appears my normal daily driver profile, the non-admin, is using a TEMP folder in C:\Users, not the profile folder for my daily driver profile. Very bizarre. Also noted the machine is now taking forever to boot, almost like an XP box...& I have a Samsung SSD in it...not cool. Any guidance is much appreciated. All I can find online is users who are running into this the FIRST time, not folks who have applied all the standard fixes, yet are still plagued w/ it under the new profile's usage period. Thanks again.