Hello Team Members

I have Windows 8.1 machine in home env which is not part of Windows Domain. Using the family safety and web filtering I can set as below
For 6AM to 10PM I can say the user can access all websites. But between 10PM and 6AM I want to allow access only to 2 sites say (abc.com and xyz.com). The restriction is only for one machine so router is not helpful. I can make this change each day using via CP /users/ Family Safety and Web Filtering. But how I can automate this so it is automatically done each day.
In case someone can guide me how to do any of the ways below it would be very helpful.
Any schedule able script in power shell or python will be fine.
Any python / power shell script doing via registry/policy/DNS etc helpful.
I donít use commercial AV program but it seems most provide this access thru UI and donít let you define complex rules or automate it.

In case there is and paid or free utility that can do this, that too will be fine.
Tried Googling but so far did not come across the right solution.

TIA, Raky