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computer password not accepted

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    computer password not accepted

    I think that this is not a subject for this forum but Im trying everyone that I can in order to get an answer without losing everythin i have on the pc. I just know im gonna lose it all and there is just so much stuff that is important.
    I am a bad girl for not making a copy of all that i have but i never dreamed this would happen.

    Here it: I didnt trust my daughter - she is getting to the age where she is starting to get into trouble so... i put a password on my adm which is the only acct i have on my pc. Now the Dell is telling me that it is the wrong password. I am so frustrated cause i know it is the right one... i use the same password allllll the time. And since i do that how could i possibly get it wrong two times as they ask you to key it twice. I have tried everything that I possibly can. It just wont work. Ive tried safe mode. I even tried unplugging my hard drive. I understand if you yell and hollar and tell me that Im in the wrong forum for this problem for this but I have to ask everyone hoping that just one person will be able to help

    I already know about reinstalling vista, and pressing F8 to get the admin thingy but that dont work - it just goes straight away back to the password page. Help Please!

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    How did you stumble into this forum?

    That said, a couple of questions:

    Is your PC a desktop or a notebook?

    Did you use a machine (BIOS) password, or a Windows one?

    If it's a desktop, a BIOS password can be cleared by clearing the CMOS (also known as resetting the RTC, real time clock). As you haven't told us anything about your PC other than it comes from Dell, it's not possible to tell you exactly how to do that.

    If it's a notebook, it's much harder to do, as an anti-theft measure.

    I don't know how to reset a Windows password if it is lost, short of re-installing Windows. You may be able to save the data on the drive by removing the drive from the PC and copying the data off it on another PC. I suggest getting expert help with that. (I'm not an expert. Don't go to Best Buy or similar places; they're expensive non-experts.)
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    If its a laptop make sure the caps lock, num lock or other similar key is not on. Some keys on laptops do double or even triple duty depending on what other "special" key is pressed.
    As a last resort you could take the drive out and connect it in another PC to recover your files. You may have to "Take ownership" of the files and folders to gain access.
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    Try this:
    Password Reset - Windows 7 Forums

    Thanks to BFK, Sevenforums

    Although for windows 7, the practice is the same for 8, I am sure, using the install media that you have to boot from. Once you have entered your location and language press Shift F10 together to bring up the command prompt and type regedit, then goto 3 in the tutorial.

    What this does is to change the shell at the next boot enabling you to create a new user and password so you can enter the system.
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    OK This is a desktop so I hope that is a good thing. I can give you any information about the comp if you tell me what you need and how to find it. I am good at actual internet stuff but not the computer stuff. I will have to write down what you need and go back to my house and get it since Im using another comp at my Dads house.

    I found this web site by putting the title of this thread into Google. I found a whole bunch of places to go and I just kept checking till I got here. I got a whole bunch of answers and I tried quite a few but nothing worked. I have Dell Vista with Windows 8.

    I am deathly afraid of losing everything as I have alot to lose. ALOT!

    I have no problem removing the drive and copying it. Just tell me how to do it.

    Yes I can hire someone and that will be my last resort but if there is anyway to get around that I wish to try. I am disabled and living on just SS... Needless to say I am always struggling financially.

    My daughter has a friend who says he can "hack" into it but that sounds really scary to me. I would almost rather re-install Vista before I let that happen. But my sweetie has bunches of pictures of her and her friends that she doesnt want to lose. The friend will be visiting in two weeks and I want to have this fixed before then. My daughter is 20... that should speak for itself.

    I do know a little bit about the inside of the comp. I installed more memory - I think thats what its called after I bought it cause it didnt have what I needed.

    I tried the clicking F8 and Safe Mode with Networking. That still just takes me back to the password page. I tried Safe Mode Command Prompt and that takes me to what seems to be command pages but gives me no cursor and then quickly goes back to password page. I am trying not to tear my hair out.

    Thanks for any help I may get...
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    extract it and burn it as an image to cd - do not format the cd

    You can put it on usb stick instead if you know how.

    Boot it on the sick machine.

    You will get to a desktop after a few seconds.

    Run the ntpwedit program and reset the password to anything you like.
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    does the usb have to be empty of all other stuff? What does ntpwedit program mean? Is that what is going to be on the usb?
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    It is an .iso file.

    So you need to put it on usb in a special way.
    there are many programs which will do that - beware your usb drive will be formatted and anything already on there will be gone.

    You then boot from usb on the sick machine.

    A small operating system will start up - you will get a desktop - there are a lot of programs in it too.

    One of the programs is for changing passwords, it looks this:

    Click image for larger version

    It points at C by default.

    Find out the drive letter for your Windows partition - just use start menu >computer and you can tell which it is from that.

    If windows drive is not C , then change ONLY letter C to your windows drive letter and click (Re)open

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    I suggest the free (unregistered ) version of Poweriso to transfer an .iso to a usb. PowerISO - Create, Burn, Mount, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive
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    OK I will try this if I understand it. I think I do but I cant do it from my dads computer. It is a very slow sad computer and I dont trust that I wont screw it up royally. He doesnt know Im using it and he will kill me if he did. Hes on vacation in Mich and Im watching his house in Florida. He uses this computer to do email and play games. But it is sad and in dire need of the comp cemetary. He knows it but if it acts weird when he comes back he will blame it on me. AND all hell will break loose here in The Villages Florida
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computer password not accepted
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