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computer password not accepted

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    Yes, you are right, you have to burn new.iso to cd.

    You can't just copy it or send it to the cd.

    That is why you need an iso burner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbiz52 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    The entire file you downloaded does not go on a cd.

    Start up the pc

    Watch for writing on the screen- ( this will come up straight away, before windows starts ) - it will say something like DEL for SETUP, F11 ( or some other key ) for boot menu or boot selection, or similar.

    Just press enter.
    Right now I have the same cd that I had yesterday but when i put it in the sick comp it just went right back to the password page that I have been stuck on. That is what didnt work. I had your instructions printed out in front of me all ready to go but it just didnt cooperate with me.

    So if I have the same CD which has the NEW.iso file on it than what do I have to do that is different. What I thought is that I dont think I burned it onto the cd. i just right clicked on it and used send to. So when the cd goes into the computer here I have to click on it to get there. It doesnt open itself by putting it into the comp.

    Does that make sense?
    That doesn't sound right. That would burn a copy of the .iso to CD.

    An .iso file is an image (single file copy) of a CD. What you need to do is to create the CD from the image.

    This probably won't be helpful, but this describes an .iso:

    ISO image - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What happens when you double click the .iso? If the PC is a Windows 7 machine, you'll get a window that prompts you to burn the CD. (You may also get something similar if you have third-party software installed to do the same thing.)

    I hope that your patience (and you sister's) hold out long enough to finish the job.

    Looks like you're also learning about the toolbars and other crap that sometimes comes with freeware. The more ethical makers have checkboxes that allow you to not install that stuff.
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    I quess I am more worried about your patience with me.

    I have the patience cause I have no choice. My alternative is hiring someone to fix it and I simply cant. I quess I have another alternative and that would be to lose everything I have and re-download Windows Vista... I dont have Windows 7. I dont know if that makes a difference cause you have been mentioning that alot.

    My sister lost her patience with this yesterday and I just dont know if Im going to get her to let me keep going. She got mad and then calmed down a little later. She is tired of me hoarding her computer.

    You are probably wondering why Im even mentioning this because i am on day 3 and this did not work.

    I am at the library re-checking the cd to see what it has on it. Yesterday before I left my sisters it had a bunch of stuff that we believed to be certain what we needed... Maybe again we burned it wrong. Before you gave me that last place to burn it from we found another way to burn it... that was my sisters idea ~ we did it through Roxio cause that is the program we have to use to open this New.iso. When I saw your advice to use the new.iso was already in the process of burning so we just let it finish. Then we looked at what was on the cd and it had all those BOOTs so we thought it was good.

    Is that wrong?

    Let me tell you what happened. First I put the CD in the drive and then turned the sick comp on. A black screen came up (which never happened before) that said Boot at the top. I was excited I thought this was gonna be it. But it quickly went right to password page. Failure

    So I decided to try it a few more times.

    The next time it was a black screen that had: Press any key to Boot: I pressed a key the first time this happened and it went right back to my password page.

    I did this again and instead of going to the password page it went to a black screen with a picture of a fish with bubbles. I shit you not I was crying and laughing at the same time. I couldnt get it to do anything. I had no choices so I had to shut down my comp the hard way.

    I did it about 5 more times and fail. It did different things everytime except the fish screen didnt come back.

    On the CD it has 5 choices: BOOT, EFI, Sources, BOOTMGR,
    BOOTMGR.Efi, and a "things to be downloaded to CD ~ desktop.ini

    If you have the patience to keep going I would love the next advice... All i can do is ask my sister again. She will say yes or no. I hate NO but whatever.
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    Hello tbiz52! It sounds like you have done very well so far. It is possible you have successfully created a bootable CD. If so, you next need to start the sick computer so that it boots to the CD. The problem might be that the computer has been set to boot FIRST to the hard drive and so you reach a dead end every time. Many Dell computers use the "F12" key to bring up a temporary "Boot Menu" that will allow you to select the CD drive as the drive you want to boot to. So, put the CD in the drive and restart the sick computer. As soon as the computer "beeps", begin tapping the "F12" key until a boot menu appears. You will have a few seconds to use the arrow keys to select the CD drive, then hit enter. You may also see another message that says "to boot to the CD, hit any key." If so, you must quickly hit a key like the space bar to begin booting to the CD drive. If you have successfully created a bootable CD, the program on the CD will now start. If not, then that is a good sign that the CD is not bootable. If for some reason your Dell does not have this boot menu available, we can try another way to have the CD drive boot first. The boot menu is the easiest way. So let us know how it goes so we might try some other things! Cheers! Robert
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    I did this again and instead of going to the password page it went to a black screen with a picture of a fish with bubbles

    That is it - you have booted the cd.

    You will see that fish while the files are loading from the cd into your computer's memory.

    If it is a very old computer, it might take a minute or more.

    If it is a very,very,very old computer , it might not have enough memory - really you need 1gb for that to run.
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    OK guys! I shall try this... I quess I will try to get my fish back ~ If not I will try something else. Thanks so much to everyone for helping me. Theresa
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    O I was going to ask if a very, very, very old computer is consider to be more than my 2 1/2 yr old Dell. O and my sister says she will go with this until the end. That's great!
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    HEYYYYYYYYYY ~~~~ Guys, IM There...... OMG I didnt think this was ever going to happen. OOOO I'm so happy. I can never thank you guys enough. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

    SIW2 and Robert I just can never thank you enough. This was weighing so much on me. I was so depressed and now Im back to my usual self. Thank You so much. Theresa
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    Excellent!! We all love to hear the success stories!! We are very glad you have it sorted out!

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    Great - well done for keeping at it.

    You have learned a lot as well.

    I am glad you are able to get back into your machine - I am sure your sister is glad too.
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