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Can I fine tune administrator privileges for another user?

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    Can I fine tune administrator privileges for another user?

    Hi there. Our family PC is a gaming model which my son uses to run various games through Steam etc. To make life easier with downloading new content, games, mods and so forth I have made his account an administrator on the PC. This seems to be a fairly blunt instrument in that it gives him access to pretty much everything. I need to be able to fine tune this to restrict access to certain things. While I trust his judgment when it comes to games and downloads, I still want to impose a decent curfew so he's not using the PC at all hours. However, as admin he can override the curfew as well as other account restrictions I might impose. Can I alter his admin privileges so he can't change family safety settings but can still do all the other stuff he needs to do? I saw a thread in another forum that shows how to run the secpol.msc routine to edit the security policy. Am I in the right area or is what I need to do basically impossible? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Assuming you have access to secpol.msc, (not all versions have access), it should be possible to either create a user group or modify the actual user permissions for your son to achieve what you need.

    I would avoid making any changes to the current administrators group as this would have the potential to lock out all administrators, Including yourself, from making changes ( not a good idea )
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    Maybe set a standard account for your son. Then, from inside your admin acct, adjust his standard account. After you are satisfied, delete his admin-level account.
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Can I fine tune administrator privileges for another user?
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