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Win8 Logon Issue

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    Win8 Logon Issue

    Hi EightForums members!

    I have installed Windows 8 on a dualboot system with Windows 7, and have run into no problems except one very annoying quirk. The computer to which Windows 8 has been installed is a family Pc and has multiple user accounts. I easily set-up three local accounts and set them as administrator. Upon reboot I found that Win8 would automatically log in to one account without prompting me. I thought password protecting the accounts might force the logon screen, but at the next boot windows prompted me with the logon screen for the same account that it had been logging automatically before. This wouldn't have been a problem had there been an option to deselect the account and return to the logon screen (with all the other users), but there was no option for that available. I researched the issue on google and found no similar problems. Following a friend's advice, I opened netplwiz and made sure that the box for "Users must enter a username and password to enter this computer" was ticked. That changed nothing. We currently have to log on to the windows selected account and then log off to get to the user log on page (a slight hassle). Is there any way I can get Win8 to boot up to the users log on page like windows 7 (or any other Windows) would?

    Thanks in advance,

    Edit: I tried re-installing Win8 using the "Keep all my personal files" method, but the problem persists.

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    I'm not currently on the RP, but is there a back button anywhere on the screen?
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    Noob8 - Welcome!

    To open the local group policy editor, type gpedit in the metro start screen and open the editor.

    In the editor click Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options, and go down the list until you get to Interactive logon; Do not display last user name - double click and select enabled

    This should write a new registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

    (If you use the registry editor regedit.exe there won't be a
    "DontDisplayLastUserName"="1" entry - There isn't on my Windows 8 - but even Microsoft Answers seems confused whether this value should be a REG_DWORD or a REG_SZ on earlier Windows versions - so I don't recommend experimentation with the registry editor - I think it's going to be REG_SZ - if you find out, please let us know.)

    See also: Log On with User Name and Password - Windows 7 Forums
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    Quote Originally Posted by 714 View Post
    I'm not currently on the RP, but is there a back button anywhere on the screen?
    No, unfortunately there is no back button.

    Thanks for the idea fafhrd, I'll try it tonight when I get home and post my results.
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Win8 Logon Issue
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