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win 10 text message "The password is incorrect" location

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    win 10 text message "The password is incorrect" location

    Where can we locate the windows 10 administrator login text message " The password is incorrect"? I have tried authui.dll.mui and wininit.dll.mui but cannot find. please help

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    Thanks admins for moving this thread into right forum. When kids messing with this laptop and tried admin login password I need to warn them with stronger message in addition to "The administrator password is incorrect". I have tried winlogon.. and shell32.. also. please help
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    I really would not recommend changing this. This would require modification of system files that are not meant to be modified. Making this work would require some rather drastic steps that would compromise security.
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    LMiller7 thanks for your for your sincere advice for windows users' safety. But let me say here in our windows its always safe since system file ownership can change without problems. Its possible in xp and windows 7 but not in windows 10. Please help
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    I have a firm policy against helping with things I consider dangerous. I have no desire to pursue this further.
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    Its good to display with my own language " Password yondalei" because they don't know English. This is most important part of windows securities atleast they should understand what is happening and what they are doing.
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    This is a Windows 8 forum. Perhaps you would have better luck if you posted this to our sister forum, the Windows 10 Forums: Windows 10 Forums
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win 10 text message "The password is incorrect" location
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