I'm new here hopefully someone will be able t direct me to the proper category in this forum to ask about Microsoft security.
I am an American and I live in Japan, but I use an English language OS Windows 8 on a tablet computer. I would like to install some of the Japanese language programs offered in the Microsoft store,but I cannot sign into my Microsoft account to use the store.

The screen says " Your account has been temporarily suspended" I have no idea why, but it says it suspects a signing in issue.

I engaged in a long volley of email with a Microsoft customer service agent who never really understood my problem, and it left me very frustrated. In order to access the account I must have a code sent to my phone which confirms I am the owner/ proper user of the account. I do not have a telephone here in Japan because I use Skype to talk with customers and family in the US. Locally in my town in Japan I do not need a telephone, can't afford one at this time and simply do not want a cell phone. Therefore I cannot receive a Microsoft access code via phone.

The Microsoft representative I was in contact with ignored the fact that I do not have a phone and in each of the four emails he sent me, he admonished me, over and over to simply give Microsoft my phone number to be sent a texted code. I was also unable to locate a chat portal to have a live chat with a representative.

Is there a work around for this type of situation? I'm flabbergasted with the requirement that one must have a phone in order to use a separate product, but if this is the case I doubt I will be using MS products, now or when I buy my next computer.

Thank you if anyone has help for this problem or can direct me to a Forum or MS Rep email or phone number to help me get this resolved.

Stephen F.