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Log-on issue using Windows account on PC / 8.1

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    Log-on issue using Windows account on PC / 8.1

    Hi - first time post, so hopefully this is a clear enough description, and thanks for taking the time to read it if you do.!

    I have just got my daughter's windows 8 machine repaired due to windows failures that had corrupted it. Now it's running again, I've tried to logon using our Windows accounts this time, not local accounts. I used mine first as an admin account which worked fine. I have then 'added' another account (which is hers), and tried to logon with it. Although it appears to have logged on successfully, once logged in it is constantly stuck at a blank screen stating "Please Wait" with only a cancel button at the bottom - there is nothing I can do to get rid of it. The cursor is 'spinning' thus is inactive. If I ctrl/alt/del and then log her off from there, as soon as I log in again it goes straight to this screen. I have also done a full reboot (both connected and not connected to the internet), and still every time I log back on to her account it goes straight to this screen and there is nothing that can be done to cancel out or stop it. I am not able to access task manager, as although I can select it having done ctrl/alt/del, it is obviously 'stuck' behind this "Please Wait" screen which is in full focus all the time - normally I'd expect Task Manager to come to the front which it doesn't here at all. Please pass on some advice if you've experienced similar, I don't really want to delete her Microsoft account and start again with a new one as (1) I shouldn't have to!, and (2) she has an xbox-one profile that's connected to it. Thanks in advance!

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    First off you need to log into her Live account through a Web Browser and delete the computer from her account. The second is. DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8
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Log-on issue using Windows account on PC / 8.1
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