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Windows 8 User log in problem

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    Windows 8 User log in problem

    Writting this from my secondary laptop.
    (backstory)Few weeks ago my laptop keyboard broke (lets say that it was destroyed my a small kid). I havent used that pc for quite some time hoping to one day come back to it. And now it is the day when i decided to fix it.

    Problem im dealing with, my default account administrators username was "Admin" and password "XXX" (im not typing it out in forums). Few hours ago when i opened this laptop and started to messing around with it. First thing i notice was that administrators user is no longer "Admin" but "CCC" trying to type in password "XXX" ended up in failure too, ended up comming up message with hit "zzz" (and that is not the hint i set up...). Tried to change user, but there is no "change user" thing available. Readed up few guides how to change user, 75% involves logging into account itself (which i cant) and other 25% involves troubleshoot option that windows offers and running cmd. (which i cant eighter because it askes for password i dont know). Basicly i don't have administrator rights and most of troubleshoot tools will not work (Tried).

    Figured out that my username itself is change to %1. "Hi %1, please enter your password"

    Please help with this. If there is still "Admin" user existing i want to see/access it.

    Yes, simple way would be just totally wipe pc, but i have importain personal information there that i need to access.

    Laptop information details:
    Notebook model: Compaq CQ58 Notebook PC
    Factory installed OS: Win8
    BIOS Version/vendor: F.32/Insyde

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    It sounds like you have Malware on the system. Especially the "Hi %1 bit"

    I would boot from a USB stick with virus scanners on it and run scans.

    Edit: here is one resource for portable scanners. If you google there should be many reviews and links to additional free rescue USB tools:
    Five portable antivirus and antimalware tools to carry with you at all times - TechRepublic
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    Right now it seems that whatever was done that ruined the keyboard may have effected the rest of the system as well. What was done; how was it destroyed?

    What I would look into doing is downloading a Linux distro that can be run off a CD/DVD as a Live CD system and using that to retrieve your data, then reinstall Windows.

    Ubuntu Linux

    Download that and burn it to a DVD if you are able. There are also ways to do it from a USB stick if you would rather do that. That page has a link to instructions on how to run Ubuntu from a DVD or USB stick. This should allow you to back up any important data.

    If you have the original Windows install media, you can try and do a system restore and see if this helps, but by the way it sounds Im not sure if it will.


    What MilesAhead said makes sense as well. IT wouldnt hurt to check for viruses before a restore. However just checking for and removing viruses wont reverse the damage done by it. So I would do the scans, then try a restore.
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    Thank you for advice!
    Keyboard is "destroyed" that half of the keys are not fuctioning (well usb keyboard fixes this) but that may damage some other thing too. I'll keep eye if something else is damaged damaged.

    Thank you for all advices ill try to scan viruses/malwares and backup information.
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Windows 8 User log in problem
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