A friend of mine has a Windows 8.1 Pro system, and she is tired of having to enter the password all the time, and just wants there to be no password on the system. But when I tried to help do that, set a blank password, it generates an error:
The password you entered doesn't meet password policy requirements.
Try one that's longer or more complex.
So I googled that, and came up with a fix involving going into secpol.msc and disabling complex password requirements under the Password policy. Problem is, it was already disabled!
In that section of the policy manager is shows minimum password length = 0 and password complexity requirements Disabled.

I also tried creating another admin account, and I was able to create a second account that was an administrator and that had no password, but when I logged into that Test user and tried to remove the password from the original user, it gave me the same error above.

We don't want to create a new user and move all her stuff over. And we don't want to install an autologin option. We simply want the existing user account to have no login password.
How can we get this account to not have a password? So far I am stumped, have I overlooked anything obvious?
Again, we DO have the current password, and it works, BUT we want to be able to log into the machine with NO password required - we want to remove the password from the User. How?