I recently bought a PIPO X7 that came pre-installed with Win 8.
Somewhere in the setup process (about 2 months ago) I was forced to create an Outlook.com address. I've never used that account since I'm pretty happy with Gmail and for life of me I can't remember what the password is.

Now I just moved this mini-pc to my house, set it up for the TV. It automatically updated and rebooted.
It seems that missing account is associated with the master user account on the PC and I need use the email address to even boot into windows. ?!?!?

I attempted MS's change password feature, don't have enough info to active it.

Is there:
1 - a way to change the master account associated with the pc, or
2 - a way to bypass this requirement
3 - any other options?

AT this point I can;t even log onto the PC to do anything.
There's no option to log in as another user either