Hello everyone, Im new here but I have not been able to find a solution to this issue. I got a user in my domain that cannot log in via fingerprint reader with his Lenovo X1 Carbon that has 8.1, I have applied and checked the solutions from the tutorial here:
Biometrics Sign-in for Domain Users - Allow in Windows 8.1
But it still does not work when the screen is locked. It will work during first boot or for the options of switch user or logging off and back on. However once he locks the screen, its almost like the fingerprint reader is completely turned off. I found and turned off power management in the properties of the device in the device manager plus checked all settings in the fingerprint software settings and still it does not come up when trying to log back in. Not sure what else I can do, everything is enabled via group policy and registry. Checked bios too but nothing there helped, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.