We have a Windows 8.1 computer for my daughter, and Family Safety was working fine, including Screen Time limits.

Then we went on vacation, and I turned off the Screen Time limits (by setting Set limits for when my child can use devices to Off.)

When we got home, I turned this setting back to On. All the previous time limits ("As early as," "As late as," and "Limit per day on this device") were retained - or so I thought.

It turns out the time limits are still off. When I log in with her account, there is a message that says the account is monitored by Family Safety, and the Family Safety icon appears in the Notification area, but in fact her account can be used 24 hours a day.

I have tried multiple times to reset this on the web, by changing selections, with no luck. When I log into her account on the computer and open Family Safety from the Control Panel and look at the settings, it confirms the time allowance and curfew settings have no restrictions. (These cannot be changed on the computer.)

How can I regain control of Screen Time for this account?