Hello everyone!

registered myself here after reading some threads on similar issues as in the subject.

i have a desktop and a laptop both on Win 8.1. for both, i log in using my MS-account credentials. have recently installed the OS on the laptop, while the desktop has had since quite some time now. the issue in the subject is only with the laptop.

there are 4 partitions to my drive on the laptop, the OS being on the first one, the traditional 'C' drive. the next drive (or 'D') i use for installing auxiliary softwares and games. the other 2 are used for multimedia and downloads.

while installing this OS on the laptop, from the Win set-up screen, i had just deleted and formatted the C drive, while kept the others as it is, so as to take a back-up of the data in the other partitions after the installation, and then format them anew from inside the OS itself. i understand that this leads to the 'permission'-mania of the OS. now what happens is:

A] regarding D-drive:

- whenever i have to cut, copy, paste, delete anything, i get asked to provide admin-rights/permission to execute the action. i have to click 'yes' everytime and then the operation executes.

- have used whatever methods i could read (like going into safe-mode and using the 'takeown' command as well as using utilities like 'TakeOwnership, both showing returning with 'success'), to no avail.

B] regarding other partitions (including C):

- usual operations of copy-delete, etc. work well, but if am copying something from an ext. HDD to one of these or all 4, then again the same prompts for providing permission.

i log in as the admin. please suggest doing what can relieve me of this nagging issue. let me know if you need any more details.