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have 2 user profile folders after installing Win 8.1

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    Windows 8.1

    have 2 user profile folders after installing Win 8.1

    I have been trying to rid myself of this problem off and on since last year some time. Last year I was having problems after I installed the free Win 8.1 upgrade. I don't remember exactly each problem, but the major problem, I think, was not being able to log in with my Microsoft account. The fact that some time went by, since I was using my local log in, before I realized that I even had the problem, probably didn't help.

    Anyway, after some forum posting and doing whatever, I think I finally figured out the best way to reinstall the microsoft account. It fixed all the problems, but I ended up with a user profile folder listed in the navigation pane of file explorer. This user profile folder is identical to my actual user profile folder at C:\Users\'user name'\, except for the fact that it uses both my first and last names, whereas my actual user profile folder has just my first name.

    This folder is listed nowhere within file explorer. As far as I know, it only exists in the navigation pane, between "Homegroup" and "This PC". I cannot delete it because it is like an extension of my actual user profile folder, in that if something is deleted from this folder it is also deleted from my folder.

    Is there any way to get rid of this annoying folder?

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    I would like to update my post, if I might. I have just changed my Microsoft account password, and I tried 'switching' to my Local account and then going back to my Microsoft account. This solved the problem for all of about 2 minutes, then it reverted right back to my full name as the title of my user profile folder in the navigation pane. What is this? How can it place two names on the same folder?
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    I am updating this post again. I have found a way to remove this duplicate user profile folder from the navigation pane by un-checking the "show all folders" option. However, this also takes out other folders that I would like to leave in, such as Control Panel. This is not a fix anyway, it is only masking the problem.

    I am wondering if there is a software that could rename this folder. There is not a "rename" or a "properties" entry in the right click menu for this folder. I have a software called "Renamer", but I cannot drag and drop the "Desktop" folder that it nests under to the program, it is not drag-able.
    I am attaching four separate images to help show the problem. Two are for the Local and Microsoft account pages and two are for the individual entries for each user profile folder as listed in the navigation pane.

    I know that this duplicate folder has taken my entire name from my Microsoft account page, but why? I am just logging in with that account (Micosoft), why does it change the user profile folder's title. This account must take into consideration that the user profile folder already exists and is titled. I really don't get this at all, and it was never like this with Windows 8; only since the free upgrade to Windows 8.1.

    I really don't want this problem when Windows 10 is released.
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have 2 user profile folders after installing Win 8.1
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