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Program now prompts std user for UAC after new admin made

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    Program now prompts std user for UAC after new admin made

    Thanks for letting me join to ask a question. This is my first post on any forum as I've usually been able to find solutions to my issues over the years with research. My apologies if this question has been answered, but I was unable to find it. I'm also not sure which category it belongs in.

    We have a Dell Windows 8 desktop (purchased from Costco) which has been functioning well. Upon initial set up, we had one admin on the machine (my wife's account) and four standard users (me and my three children) and one guest.

    A month back, we installed Paint Tool Sai, for my daughter and had some issues getting it to run without prompting her (my daughter) for my wife's password (UAC). We weren't comfortable with my daughter have the admin password, and eventually solved the problem. However, we don't remember the details on how we solved it. We recall that we had to add her as a user somewhere, perhaps in one of the properties => security tabs. We also believe we changed the program to run as admin, and then disabled that change. Sorry to be sketchy, but we had to do and undo a bunch of things before it started behaving.

    A week or so later, I wanted to network this machine to my Win7 laptop, and an XP desktop. I was unable to get the homegroup feature to work, despite a sincere effort. I eventually added this Win8 machine to my house's workgroup and the network functions acceptably. During this process I updated the said Dell desktop to 8.1 and decided to change my user profile to be an administrator for convenience.

    Now Paint Tool Sai requires my daughter to enter my administrative password. The UAC window pops up and lists both administrative accounts (mine and my wife's) but only requires my password (which is the same as my wife's). This program is Japanese (not terribly English friendly), and it seems a bit primitive for Windows 8, so I'd prefer to not try and uninstall/reinstall, unless I have to.

    Upon trouble shooting, I noticed the desktop icon to Paint Tool Sai, in my account had a broken path. I deleted it, figuring I'd add a valid icon, however a new shortcut doesn't make any difference.
    I also noticed that my wife's and daughter's accounts have a download folder called PaintToolSai (which appear to be very similar to each other).
    I've tried to set the program to run as administrator (for my daughter and for all users). Although it appeared to be successful (the box stayed checked in Sai.exe => properties => Compatibility), yet it still prompts for my password.
    I tried the compatibility troubleshooter, without success. I reviewed the tutorial on an elevated permission shortcut, but this seems overkill for what I'm looking for.
    I tried to get a screen shot, but that didn't work. It's the UAC pop up that says: "Do you want to allow the following program from and unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" It lists the specifics, then has "To continue, type an administrator password, and then click Yes." Then it lists my account with a box for my password. Below that it lists my wife's account without a box for her password. The bottom has the "Show details" arrow with the "Yes" and "No" buttons.

    I'm wondering if there is a way to have my daughter run Paint Tool Sai without it prompting for my password (or any admin password), like she did a week ago?

    FYI: I don't want to completely disable administrative privileges for obvious reasons.

    Thanks again, in advance

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    Hello Jazman, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    This may be what you after to create an elevated shortcut that a standard user can run.

    Elevated Program Shortcut - Create for Standard User - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Brink: Thanks for your reply. I had seen this tutorial and feel it's too convoluted for what I need.
    It's easier (and I feel less risky) to give everyone the admin password. If you guys want it, it's k!lljoy63 (just kidding).

    If these are the only avenues to let a standard user run 3rd party programs then I'll mark this thread as solved.

    Thanks again (to all) and keep up the good work. Your sister forum has helped me several times with Win7 issues.
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    It's one option to let a standard user run an elevated program without having to type in the administrator's password in the UAC prompt.
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Program now prompts std user for UAC after new admin made
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