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Windows 8.1 Administrator Account says Administrator but..

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    Windows 8.1 Administrator Account says Administrator but..

    Windows 8.1 Administrator Account says Administrator but..

    My laptop is working fine and perhaps I should leave well enough alone.
    The issue came up I guess when I wanted to use the Metro Apps, I seldom do. I was getting an error, the infamous: abcde App cannot be opened using the Administrator account.
    Note: Using Windows 8.1 Home Edition not Pro-cannot use secpol or gpedit and registry tweaks on LUA, Token and one other entry did not help.

    Perhaps I am using the built in Administrator account, Not sure.

    I do not want to create another Admin account and lose all my hard work, settings, icons in this profile , etc. I mainly 99.99% of the time use Desktop view (I use Start 8 - which is like Classic Shell to give that Windows 7 look and boots into Desktop view-no lectures please).

    1. If I log in using the local acct, then I am okay and Metro apps will work

    2. I was hoping for the best of both worlds and not have to log out of one into the other.

    I attached a few screen shots where it says "Administrator" as the account name under my email address BUT in "properties" it says " Standard user" - and I cannot change such: grayed out.

    Perhaps it does not matter as everything but metro apps under this account work perfectly.

    Sorry-Long winded but I am tired.


    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version

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    Hello Peter,

    If you are signed in to the built-in elevated "Administrator" account, then that would be why since modern apps do not work when either the user account or explorer is elevated.

    As a test, sign out, and make sure that you are signed in to your "Peter" account to see how it your modern apps work.
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    Thanks, getting there I think.

    1. I found out that the Administrator Local Account has all the settings I want and use 99.999% daily BUT the Metro Apps do not work (hence error msg) in this account.

    2. The other account "Peter" with email address and implies "Administrator" but in properties states Standard User-does not have all of my programs listed in desktop mode nor settings, add-ins
    and shortcuts, BUT does run Metro Apps

    So perhaps I should log in and out as needed instead of trying to have one account do everything since I am in Desktop 99.9%.

    Is my issue that I am using a built in admin account which is the local account?

    Thoughts and should I just leave it alone??

    Thanks so much
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    The issue is that the built-in Administrator is elevated. Modern apps will not work in an elevated account.

    You could always create new shortcuts to the programs you want to run in the Peter account though.
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Windows 8.1 Administrator Account says Administrator but..
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