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Lost admin rights in Win 8

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    Lost admin rights in Win 8

    I have been trying to find out how to correct this for the past 6 months. My son added a Microsoft account to my win 8 HP computer. Because I then had to type a password in every time I turned on or woke up my computer, we tried taking it back off. He typed in netwiz or something like that. I don't know what he did after that, but I can no longer update anything on my computer because I am not the admin. Trusted installer is. I approached HP about this and they want $100 to remotely enter my computer and fix the problem. That means it can be fixed. Only help they gave me is it has to do with the window modular installer. Any ideas as to what they may be doing if they went into my computer? That is a lot of money but I may have to pay it or do a total format and restore to get my computer back.



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    See here: How to enable the hidden Administrator account in Windows 8

    Do that, then login as Administrator and change the account type for your normal account to Administrator and change or remove the password.
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    1. Press WinKey + Q, type user accounts and click on the result.

    Lost Administrator Rights 1

    Then select your User Account > Click Manage another account.

    Lost Administrator Rights 2

    In the following window, click Add a user account option.

    Lost Administrator Rights 3

    2. Now we have to create a local account user. So after clicking Add an account, click Sign in without a Microsoft account (Not recommended), then click Local account. Fill the details on the screen so appeared for adding local account. Click Finish when done.


    3. Press Windows Key + Q and type cmd, for the search results, click Command Prompt. Type following command and hit Enter key:

    shutdown /r /o


    4. The previous step will result your system to boot into Safe Mode. After getting into Safe Mode, press Windows Key + Q, type user accounts, and pick the same from results so appear. You would have now two accounts on your system; first your issued admin account and second the local account which you’ve created in step 2. Select local account.


    Now click Change the account type link in following window:


    Moving on, change the account status from Standard to Administrator. Click Change Account Type.


    In this way, the new local account we’ve created has been changed to Administrator. Now you can restart you machine and log into this account with administrator rights. Since you have administrative privileges now; so you can backup your documents from the old administrator account.

    Finally, delete the old admin account and switch to Microsoft account to synchronize your settings with new administrative account. Your system will now act normally with full admin rights in your hand.
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    No need to delete the old account. Read the info at the link I provided.
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    Thank you. I will check out both ways and see if they work. Thanks for your advice.

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    pravinkumar, I copied your great advice into a text file for future reference, thanks!
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    I was given the link where I could download and install the windows media creation tool. was able to download but was denied access to run and install.

    is there anything else i can do? I have bought a new all in one to replace this defective vaio laptop but I have no media to completely redo the install.
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Lost admin rights in Win 8
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