Hi there, we have a Family Safety restriction on the net for my son with a Nokia Lumia 520. Now he has his third Lumia 520 (dropped, lose). 2 times we could the restriction reconfirm. In the last action we doesn't could reconfirm.
So I disable/delete all child restrictions in my parent Familiy Safety Account.
But a download on the Nokia is not possible? I' am sure I delete all entries in my Account. How can i delete/remove this account? if i do a login, i get the following Options

"You are not a parent in Family Safety. (before that i was!)
You must be logged in with the account of a parent, to make changes to the Family Safety website.
To be added to an existing family as a parent
To set up Family Safety"

mayby everything has not been deleted, and the restrictions continue to work
What I now want!: How can I delete my Family Safety restriction account completly?
I want any more restrictions on to the Windows phone for my son