this issue is persisting on my work windows 8 computer ( not 8.1)

each time i sign in to my user session ( corporate ad account ) i have the following visible symptims ;
- i receive the welcome to windows 8 screen and animations like i just installed or logged in to the system for the first time
- once finished the desktop are is empty at first in windows explorer ( i used to receive an error saying that desktop folder cannot be found or sth but now it's gone )
- the desktop icons are restored once i toggle the start menu and go back to the desktop and sometimes i have to kill or restart the windows explorer process
- the current keyboard language is defaulted to English instead of french which is set by default ( original override because of my keyboard , the system default language is english in UI )
i have to go to control panel language settings and i have to save and exti to be able to toggle to french , if not alt shit toggle does not find french as being listed !

- some applications store their settings and detect the C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile

I have this issue since a few months now ,

i'm not exactly sure when it first happened But i read somewhere that someone got it because after installaing some software but no mention which software or what type of software can cause this effect in windows 8

can somebody help ?

thanks in advance