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Delete Administrator, STSTEM, and TrustedInstaller account

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    Delete Administrator, STSTEM, and TrustedInstaller account

    Hello I have been quite annoyed by the infinite "you do not have permission to do this/that" messages when I just want some ugly files to disappear from my own computer. I understand that you can enable elevated administrators, take full control/ownership of something, but all these steps are equally annoying themselves. So I wonder if and how I can do the following things:

    1. Permanently delete the accounts of (Elevated) administrator, SYSTEM, and TrustedInstallers. I do not want to see them appear anywhere in my computer anymore. I just want one single user in my computer which is me, nothing else.

    2. Be able to delete any file or folder be it in Windows System folder or not, without taking full control/ownership in advance, regardless of the file's type, previliage, or current usage.

    3. Permanently remove the folder "Appdata" (and/or "Application Data") and prevent any folders of this type be created again in future. I mean folders and files a program does not tell you when it is installed but used after installation. I want any program to use the folder it is assigned to only, and not anywhere else.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Not happening. As far as I know you cannot do what you desire and still have an operational Windows System.

    Sorry to have to deliver this news to you. But it is what it is.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Regarding your questions:

    1. Accounts never block access to resources, they are the means of accessing them. The SYSTEM and TrustedInstaller accounts are among the most critical in the system. The Administrator account is not essential and can be disabled (it probably is already) but it's removal would not help you in your cause.

    2. Difficult to do and very dangerous. There are all kinds of problems that this would cause. The Windows folder and all of it's contents should not be modified in any way unless you REALLY understand what you are doing. This is a minefield. Do not enter.

    3. Many applications require these folders. Remove them and many of your applications would fail.
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    I want any program to use the folder it is assigned to only, and not anywhere else.
    Not possible! An application consists of several different kinds of components, not just a runtime executable, and to work properly, these components have to be installed into their proper folder locations in the filesystem. If you mess with that, the applications won't work anymore.
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Delete Administrator, STSTEM, and TrustedInstaller account
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