Hi everybody. I updated my OS to windows 8.1. I noticed that I wasn't able to use any windows app as a cross is appearing on every app. I was searching for solutions on the internet. I found some solution posted on a website which I followed but it actually made the condition worse. I somehow merged my appdata folder with another appdata folder. There has been no data lost but my computer became slow for some time and it hardly even booted. I booted to safe mood and used ccleaner to clean registry. Now the computer is running comparatively better but I need to reinstall some programs which got corrupted due to this. But now

  • whenever I try to access anything in Libraries it tells that I don't have the permission to do so. I can edit the permission of and then use that file but I think its better to ask for a solution here because I don't know why its asking for permission.
  • I followed the solution posted on this website and fixed the windows store app and personal settings. But the cross is still appearing on all the apps including the windows store app and I am not able to run any other pre-installed app.

Thank you