Not sure what is going on here. I have two accounts on my Windows 8.1 PC. Mine and a guest. I went to make an account for my stepdaughters with their own password and a Frozen theme and not able to do it. I did a virus scan and the the DISM/Restorehealth and it fixed something that was corrupt, but it still won't let me do it

Here is what happens. I click on user accounts. I go to manage other accounts and click Add Another looks like another Window is going to open to do it, but then it doesn' looks like my main screen, for example this one I am typing on is going to close so I can go into that user setting but it doesn't happen. It just "jerks" and goes back.

I have the purple box with the "cog: on the bottom of my screen and I click on says Windows settings...but nothing happens. Really unsure what is going on here. Not a huge deal since they have a guest account...but still want it fixed.