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Enable full administrative power

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    Enable full administrative power

    I am the only user of my pc and When ever I install a program they asks administrative permission not only for that but for everything. I need to make my PC full administrative power and never ask me for open as administrator or anything. And also I dont want to see that administrative icon in my settings and all. How can I do this ?

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    Hello Irshad,

    If you run an account elevated in Windows 8, you will not be able to open any modern apps or UI (ex: PC settings) screens.

    There's also a security risk of always running elevated. While you are signed in to an elevated account, everything that runs will also have the same unrestricted elevated access to the whole PC. This would be very bad if malware was to do this since you would never know until it was to late.

    If this is something that you still wanted to do, then you could enable and sign in to the built-in elevated "Administrator" account to have full unrestricted access. Again, it's only recommended to use this account as needed instead of for everyday use.

    Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
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Enable full administrative power
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